This is a “Good Morning” view from last weekend. I usually don’t get to see the farm from this angle so early in the morning, but I was running Marshall to a school activity and on the way home I was truly inspired with the sunrise. I never know when inspiration is going to hit. It’ll smack me in the face when I least expect it. Let’s just say that inspiration usually comes right before or after some major “cow” event. This was before.003.jpg       Good morning!! Now please understand……I never say “good morning” when I’m trudging out to the barn in the darkness. I might grunt. I’m holding my big coffee mug in one hand, and scratching a dog ear in the other. Earl, on the other hand, is happy as a lark. He gets up and starts talking non-stop. How can a human be so “chatty” first thing?! I just want to bang my head against the wall! Stop the insanity! But look….aren’t the silos beautiful?! We don’t use them anymore, but they do make a nice landmark. Looks like a cozy farm. Cozy?004.jpg      I was always taught that secrets were lies, and lies were sin. If this isn’t “secret telling”, I don’t know what is! They wouldn’t tell me what they were discussing, but I can take a pretty good guess. Earl is making a deal…..if they give good milk production, he will give them an extra 20 minutes on wheat pasture today. Big girl doesn’t look overly impressed…..she’s already obese. Why does she need more wheat pasture?! She’s also the herd bully. She gets her way all the time. The kids love her to death. 010.jpg     More secrets. Man, big girl makes her rounds. No. 51. She’s every where. I think she’s two faced. First she’s talking to Earl, now she’s blabbing everything to Michael. She cannot keep secrets. No. 17 is trying to warn Michael… careful what you believe…..No. 51 loves to gossip. It’s rampant within the herd. You should hear the chatter! Michael doesn’t believe any of it.005.jpg     This is a huge secret……zip your lip! This is so wrong! What in the world happened? Five tits?? This heifer is very talented…..three tits on one side and they all have milk! Two on the other side…..only one works! Figure that out. Here’s the deal……when they are young teenagers…..they always get checked for extras, but somehow she fell through the cracks. Extra “tits” always get snipped off. We want a nice udder with four equal quarters. She’s cute and has a nice little udder….but just a tad lopsided. Hahaha We can make it work, though.387.jpg     Here’s Shrek. She does not gossip. Ever. Shrek is in her own world. All. The. Time. Look closely. No ears. I’ve talked about Shrek before. She’s growing big and strong. And she’s always happy….even though the cards are stacked against her. No ears…..boy name…..deaf…..happy to be alive. I remember when she was born….I thought something was off. Then it finally dawned on me….where are the ears?! Just tiny Shrek ears. 024.jpg      Our only Brown Swiss. Her name is Bliss. She was mean when she first started milking. Whoa, baby! She had a few lessons to learn, but now she’s calmed down and one of the first ones in the barn. She could care less that she’s not black and white. In fact…..she’s telling me right here across the fence that she thinks she’s the prettiest cow on the farm. Hands down! No questions asked.That’s a Brown Swiss for ya. Bossy, arrogant, self-proclaimed Queen, and beautiful!! Amen!021.jpg      And who is this? Who would stand around with their hands on their hips? My secret today is this……I add just a “smidgeon” of “chocolate” sweetened condensed milk to my iced coffee. Do not tell anyone I do this. It’s a crime. I cannot wait for Candace to come home and share in my joy!!007.jpg       It’s been nice chatting to you kind folks today. Regardless how busy I am….I always have to stop and take a picture of the beautiful sky. And you should see all the bright stars late at night. Especially in the back pasture…..where it’s total darkness. Beautiful! One of the many “perks” of living out in the “boonies”………………………Carol