Here’s another little tidbit nobody knew about me…….I’m a Dolly Parton fan. Oh, remember when that song “Islands In The Stream” was hotter than a firecracker?! And the movie….Steel Magnolia? Who doesn’t love going to the Dixie Stampede?! Yep…I love Dolly! So much so, that we now have a heifer named Dolly. She just had her first calf and is now giving milk and learning the ropes of being a “big girl”. 054.jpg      Here we are picking up the calf and taking it in to a cozy little hutch. It’s a little heifer….which means “girl”. So, we have a keeper. Sometimes they thrash around and try to make a run for it, but this little “jerk” was happy to take a ride. 046.jpg      Looks like the little tyke is getting a snack. Good for her. They need all the colostrum they can get. She is in love with her calf. A good little Mama. 045.jpg     These little newborns know exactly what to do. Instinct always kicks in as soon as they can stand on their little wobbly legs. This is a very important step….they need that good, rich colostrum. 057.jpg       We got her in the barn that first night, but the next morning didn’t go so great. She did the splits in the lot. Bad news for a cow. Her udder is “high and tight”…..remember those haircuts?! Well, dairymen like udders like that, but they sometimes have a hard time walking until the swelling goes down in their udder. So now, we have to keep her out of the barn and lot area until she heals. Michael is milking her by hand to get some milk for her calf. Amazingly she cooperates……if she has feed to eat. 062.jpg      We sent the boys out to milk her, and I told Marshall to take a few pictures for me. This is his view of the situation. Haha He had to hold the tail. Cows love to swish their tails in your face. They aim for the mouth and the eyes. Oh, it’s maddening. Especially if the tail is filthy. Grrrr….. Notice the cat photo bomber in the back?!065.jpg      It’s time consuming to fill a whole bottle. It makes your fingers tired and achy too. How in the world did the old timers do it without milking machines?! I would have rebelled. I rebel now and I have automatic equipment……shame on me. Haha 070.jpg       Who takes selfies with cows?! Farm girls with Mad Cow….that’s who! I found her laying in a cozy little spot out in the weeds, so I had to scratch her head and visit with her a little bit. She wasn’t too impressed. I’m thinking that she is going to be our next “Shooter” pet. Speaking of Shooter……I’ve got some great ideas for her “memorial flowerbed”. That will probably be my whole summer project. Working on it as time allows and whenever inspiration hits. I can’t wait………………………..Carol