This week the cows are “on the road again”. Another oldie…….Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. If you haven’t guessed it yet….our cows are country music to the core. Everything they do reminds us of the good ole songs. Haha  Our wheat pasture is about to play out and so we’re moving them from field to field to try and get them something to munch on. It helps our milk production and also helps curb their appetite. 029.jpg       Here they go…..”like a band of gypsies we go down the highway”……. Haha Now, this always makes me real nervous…..sending cows across the road. I’ve seen too many catastrophic events happen when moving cattle this way. The older cows behave, but those young ones like to push their boundaries. 030      Usually my job is to stand at the corner and watch for any strays wandering off. This is very nerve-wracking …..especially when the neighbor has lush, green wheat in his field. All it takes is one cow to take the “high road” and you might as well throw in the towel. The whole herd is gone. Thank goodness there is nothing to tempt the cows right now. Just our own little patch of wheat. Everything else is brown and dead. By the way…..I always have the four-wheeler ready and waiting. Just in case.022.jpg      This is why I have an ugly, beaten up mailbox. The cows always stop and pay a visit. They’re infatuated with it……and it makes an awesome scratching post! I know exactly what “big girl” is thinking……”aaaahhhhhh……this feels so good on my neck…..that itch has been driving me crazy for days”! They also like to stop and “smell the flowers” in the summer time. Do they grow “cow resistant” flowers?! 034.jpg      Dolly is still “coming and going” freely around the farm. Hope she heals quickly, because it’ll be garden planting time before long. No cows allowed! I was trying to clean Candace’s filthy car and she came on over to investigate. She thought it looked boring and walked off. 007.jpg      Earl took his turn milking Dolly. Well, that didn’t last long. This hurts my hands…..I don’t want to do this…….you want to take a turn!? My reply……are you kidding….I can’t….my hands hurt too!! So now, because we’re old and wimpy…..we put her in the barn, but very cautiously. In the back way, alone, and no “bully cows” anywhere near her. 048.jpg      Most days we meet ourselves coming and going. Where are we at? What are we doing? Where are we going? Neither one of us can be outside without sunglasses. And our winter coats are getting tattered and torn. Just this morning Earl asked me if I think he should “burn” his coat once warm weather arrives. I think he should. Looks like he’s gotten all the “goodie” out of that one. Around this joint……chore clothes are worn until there is almost nothing left. Here is your question of the day…..Does Earl have a fake smile? Is my smile fake? Who wins? Something to think about……………………..Carol

P.S. My Christmas tree is gone. I had it down by the deadline……Super Sunday!009.jpg       Michael did a good job of destroying it. This is all that is left of it. Give the boys a knife, machete, ax, etc….they will find something to use it on. It’s a dangerous world I live in!