With Valentines Day just around the corner, I want to introduce you to the “best friends” club around this place. I guess the farm animals can feel the love in the air. Is it because of Valentines Day….or is it because spring is just around the corner? Love is running wild and free among the animals. Especially with the cats. Lord have mercy…..I don’t need more kittens! The “toms” are lurking in every corner. 019.jpg     This is Marshall’s new best friend…..Dolly. What a ham! Marshall discovered that he can jump on her and she doesn’t move a muscle…….”Hey Mom, look at me!” This is exactly what “Shooter” was like. Little did we know that we would have a “Shooter the second” so soon. The only difference….Shooter had a perfect udder. Dolly has five “tits”. That’s dairyman talk…….think “nuthin” of it!003.jpg      And then we have Barbara. Everyone loves her. She’s not getting quite as much love since Candace isn’t here. She was behaving herself and being a good girl, so Michael jumped up there and gave her a little lovin’. She just soaks it all up. 014.jpg        Brothers and best friends for life! These two hounds are a mess. They are always hangin’ out together. The front yard is their playground. They have all their toys out there…….bones, dead carcasses, shoes, newspaper, gloves. They have no use for fancy store bought toys. 006.jpg       Oh dear. What have we here? Lovers? Friends? Pals? This is the latest “stray” that’s been hanging around. It’s too wild to catch and take to a new home. Haha Marshall does not like this dog. He says that “Sausage Mutt” is humpin’ the little stray mutt, but nobody has actually seen any “hanky panky” going on. What the heck were we thinking when we took care of all the other “dog nuts” around here?! So, we’re hoping that nothing happens between these two. Just casual acquaintances. Is that possible?!422.jpg     This is Bubba. He does not know the meaning of loyalty. His friendship is a come and go kind of thing. He has a new “best friend” every week…..or every day for that matter. We’ll leave him alone. He’s doing good work. Besides, we don’t want to “cross” him. He could “punt” us to the next county. 004.jpg     I don’t know if Bliss has a best friend. She’s an independent “old heifer”. She likes to do her own thing….in her own time…..her rules. Besides, she has a “chip” on her shoulder…..she’s prettier than the black and whites……in her mind anyway. Shhhh……don’t let her hear this, but I do love her fluffy ears. And her beautiful “hair color”. She’s a fancy girl…pink earrings and all……………………Carol