The chocolate holiday is almost here. So, I’m going to share with you my favorite “Valentine” treat. Chocolate covered strawberries! What’s not to love about that?! They go perfect together. A beautiful, tasty bite of fruit that’s smothered in chocolate. I bought some one time….paid out the nose for them….that ticked me off….never again! So, I started making my own and it has become a tasty tradition for me. The whole family loves them!049.jpg      Now, isn’t this a sight for sore eyes?! Lovely, I’m telling you…just lovely. And they taste even better than they look. Don’t come a knockin’ on my door, because I don’t like to share my special treat. These are made for the weirdos that milk bovines! Haha044.jpg      This is what I do……I get everything  in place before I start dipping…..melted chocolate can be very temperamental. Grrr….. Live and learn, I say. I’m the only one that likes chocolate covered marshmallows, so there’s no need to hide those. Not that I would…….maybe. 046.jpg     See, it doesn’t take much to make a farm girl happy. Just hand her some chocolate and she’ll be able to milk 500 cows in record time. Well….uhhhh…..maybe that’s stretching it just a tad. It would take a ton of chocolate strawberries for me to accomplish such a feat. I take a small plate of these to the barn with me. When the going gets tough….the tough eat chocolate strawberries. We don’t have time for dainty bites…..pop the whole thing in your mouth. The bovines don’t like to be kept waiting. I do share with the boys, just so you know.003.jpg      Candace loves chocolate covered strawberries. I’ll have to make a special batch for her homecoming treat. Just look how happy she is……and the cows are ticked off because we never share with them. If I’m not mistaken….she just got done singing a beautiful song….at the top of her lungs. Drives her Dad crazy! She’s the only one that can get away with that and not get killed. Haha  So, everyone go get busy…..make some beautiful chocolate strawberries and enjoy every bite. It’s definitely worth it……………………Carol