Today is random……no rhyme or reason. I want to share some “dairy farm” pictures that I catch on camera here and there. While I’m out and about. It’s what my life is all about……cows. Amen! Of course, I have the kids, calves, and lots of cow poop too. First on the list…….004.jpg      So, whad’ya think……..twins? Or maybe they’re just “sisters in the herd”…….sure looks like twins to me. But alas, they’re not twins. The one on the left is our home grown heifer…..on the right we have one that Earl bought last fall. The only reason I can tell is by looking at the tags. Our tag is on the left….”I don’t know tag” is on the right. Somehow they bonded…..and now they’re BFF’s. 010.jpg       I caught this photo as I was feeding calves the other morning. As I watched this calf try to eat the panel, I’m thinking to myself……what in the world tastes soooo good about that ole panel?! So, I imagined that the calf is teething and that it’s massaging the gums. Sounds reasonable…..don’t ya think?! I just made all that up. They always do that after I feed them. They want to eat everything in sight. Don’t panic….they aren’t starving. I feed them every morning, every night. Seven days a week. 003.jpg      The “kid” is my calf feeding helper in the evenings. At least I thought so. He gets distracted very easily. He loves climbing trees. I remember as a little “Amish” girl, I used to climb trees in my dress. Haha Oh dear….we were crazy. Uh…maybe I had “Mad Cow” back then and I just didn’t know it?! Ok, time to move on. 015.jpg     What the heck is going on here?! This is how you milk a 5 quartered cow. We did not raise this heifer here on our farm….Earl bought her this winter and she’s the tame one that thinks she “rules the roost”. So, this is what I do when she comes in. One milker on the back and the other one on the front. Genius! Don’t you think? Don’t tell anyone….it’s not supposed to be this way.014     And then we have Betsy. What a spoiled cat…rotten to the core. The boys have total “fits” when they see this cat walking into the barn looking for milk. Michael was leaning against the shelf taking a “breather” and the cat decided to take a little hike on his shoulder. What a mess!049.jpg     Hey you….would you hurry up and get me into the barn. I’m going crazy out here. It’s crowded….I can’t breathe….I’m getting claustrophobic….Aaaaack…..something just touched my leg….get off of my toes, you dummy….move over….quit pushing me….I can’t take it any more….please!!!

      Ok, sounds to me like I better get a move on…things are starting to happen………..Carol