Today is all about the simple things in life. The things that make you smile, laugh, or just calm your frazzled nerves. After my “hair-raising” experiences I had last week……I’m feeling pretty calm this week. Knock on wood! Things are basically back to normal. The cows got out last night…..marched around the whole farm, down the road, and all around. It’s called “life on the dairy”. Thank goodness that didn’t happen last week…..I would have had a total meltdown for sure.023.jpg     How’s this for “natural beauty”? It doesn’t get much better than this. I especially like the drool flowing from her mouth. We call her Skunky, because she has a white stripe down the center of her back. You may not think there’s anything beautiful about a cow, but when you’ve spent 23 plus years around bovines…….they kinda grow on ya! They are beautiful creatures in their own special way. At least her nose was clean. 026.jpg        Happy trails y’all! Once they find the trail….they march single file. Funny how that works. Cows are creatures of habit…..this is proof. Where is the leader of the herd? Who is it? What does she look like? How did she get to be leader? All good questions.018.jpg     Here she is, #51. Miss Obese herself. Now you know why she’s the leader. Maybe because she weighs a ton. All she has to do is push her weight around, and she gets what she wants. Little head, huge body! She’s a bully. If I were a cow……she would be my enemy…..or maybe on second thought… best friend. She’s got a little drool going on there. Tis the season to drool!022.jpg      Birds of a feather, flock together. I’ll hear tons of chirping in the trees….silence…..then a whoosh of wings and they’re off to the next tree. Reminds me of the movie Nemo…. how the school of fish was swimming in shapes for Marlin and Dory. I took this today while taking cows off wheat pasture. 036.jpg       This is beautiful. I’m straining the coffee concentrate. It’s messy, but well worth the effort. This is what has kept me going this winter. Along with a few other things. By the way….I don’t “sip” on my iced coffee anymore. It’s more like long, deep drags. I’ll be a bit more normal once gardening season starts. Then I’ll do therapy in the garden. Now that’s a beautiful thing! 040.jpg       I did find some fresh cilantro growing in my flowerbed. Who doesn’t like fresh salsa?! Too me….this is pure beauty….growing your own. That’s complete happiness for me. After last week…..I went out and sat in my flowerbed for hours and soaked in all the beauty. Just kidding…I wish! Too much laundry to catch up on. We lived out of baskets for 5 days.010.jpg     I saved the best till last. Yellow and purple go great together, don’t ya think?! Oh my… I just noticed the nasty, disgusting cat poop in this picture. Well, if I have to look at it…so do you. Those stupid cats….grrrr….I’m gonna kill! Man….they get on my nerves! I guess this is about as natural as you can get…right?!………….Carol