Today is all about boys….human and animal form. I’m surrounded….HELP! Please come home and save me, Candace! I need some girl company. Bovine girls don’t count. It’s gotta be in human form. Boys will be boys. So, I’m going to introduce you to all the boys in my life. I’ll start with the humans. 015.jpg      Here’s the first one on the list. Michael. He has become indispensable here on the farm. The older they get, the more valuable their help becomes. He does all the “online” farm work for Earl when searching for equipment, sales, cattle, you name it…..he’ll find it. Outside work…..almost as good at milking as Mama! Haha I’ve got a few years on him, but he’s fast gaining ground. And you know what? I don’t care one bit. I’ll take a break any day. He bypassed me on the height a long time ago….and still growing. Must be the milk! He probably drinks a half gallon every day. Keep on drinkin’, man!060     Next on the list….Marshall. He’s also valuable help. If we can find him…that is. I’m still trying to instill into him the importance of showing up when it’s time to start milking, and not an hour later. He doesn’t seem to realize all the fun he’s missing out on. Fun?! Calf feeding is not as time consuming when he’s here to help me. He’s also the chicken man. He wants to get a bunch of “chicks” this spring. I’m gonna make a “pact” with him on that one. I don’t want to be left high and dry when the time comes to take care of them. Haha058.jpg    He’s also the “cat man”. He is always coming into the barn with a cat in his hands. He’s the only one that can get close to some of them. Me? They run when they see me coming. And I’m not even mean! I don’t think. Not always. 040.jpg     Another thing about Michael…..he loves chocolate milkshakes! Anytime he hears the blender start up….he’ll appear in the kitchen pronto. It’s like the “Little Red Hen” story. They hear or smell something….they show up. I like his “cat attack” shirt?! Haha Where does that weirdness come from?!033.jpg     Then we have Musket. He’s our three-legged hound. He’s feeling good right here. King of the dogs. They all respect Musket. He’s been running to the back with us to feed calves. I’m thinking that he wants to get into shape for Candaces’ homecoming. He’s got about 3 1/2 months to work on it. Go get ’em Fat Boy.028.jpg      More dogs! Five total with the stray runt. These three always run with us. They like to catch free rides on the gator every chance they get. Lazy hounds! They chase down the one squirrel in the back pasture. Every day.003.jpg      The cats….don’t even get me started. They’re everywhere. This is Screamer! He doesn’t shut up. Ever! Drives us crazy in the barn. He’s thinking…….I’m just about to claw your eyes out. Get outta my face!025.jpg     Big Bubba! What can I say?! I respect this dude! He is now in the front pasture with all the “sisters” in the herd. It’s his job. He can get an attitude going at times. I try not to get too close….I don’t trust him. 030.jpg    The “head honcho”. He’s the main man around here. Always in chore clothes. Always in chore boots. He’s a “workin’ cattle” kind of man. Dairy is in his blood. He was born with it. There ain’t no turning back. Like I always say…..can’t teach an old dog new tricks…………….Carol