Well, we’re into March. Spring is finally here. I see it all around me. It’s wonderful. When you “trudge” around in chore boots all winter long….warm weather can’t get here fast enough. We’ve officially entered into the “tornado” season. Last night was our first storm “bearing down on us”. We survived. Spring storms are stressful on a dairy farm. 017.jpg        We always sit around and watch the “boob tube”(that’s what we used to always call the TV)  trying to figure out which direction the storm is headed. Thank goodness the calf hutches didn’t blow away. That has happened, and it is a total nightmare to pick everything back up. My little “jerks” were safe and sound. Tucked away in their little condo’s. All hungry and screaming at me this morning. Some days I just want to scream right back!015.jpg     I love spring! Everything is coming alive again. I always call it “Life after death”. Winter around here is brown and ugly…..depressing. So we get pretty excited when we see everything start to flower. Even the weeds are beautiful. It’s green, man! 016.jpg      And then we have the beautiful hyacinth! This is one of my all time favorite spring flowers. The smell is amazing. Especially after you’ve smelled nothing but rich, cow poop all winter long. I will literally get on my hands and knees and bend waaaay down to sniff. A couple long, deep drags…..gotta get the full affect of these beauties. It brings a smile to my face. 009.jpg      Here we have some more. I’m not sure which color I like best. It really doesn’t matter…..it’s bright. I’m usually walking to and fro from the barn to the house when I spot these. So, I’m definitely ready to smell and smile. That smelly barn leaves a lot to be desired. Haha007.jpg      My Oklahoma Redbud is about to burst into blooms. I love this little tree. I wish I had the front yard full of them. I’m thinkin’ I need to put one in Shooters memorial garden. I’m getting all kinds of ideas for her “corner”. I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of room and money for her garden. Haha013.jpg     I’ve been ordering seeds and making big plans. I tend to go “hog wild” in the spring, and then when we hit the dog days of summer…..I kick myself for going extreme. I never learn…I can’t help myself. It’s the Mad Cow! Or maybe it’s just “can’t teach an old heifer new tricks”? 006.jpg     Our fruit trees are blooming. I had to run out the door and chase Dolly away. She will snap that tree in half lickety split. I informed Earl that it is high time she blends in with the herd. It’s planting time. No more roaming free. Could we call it free-range milk?015.jpg     Bring on the sunshine! Warm weather! Green grass! Lots of flowers! And plenty of sippin’ cold drinks on the patio. Oh, and don’t come a knockin’ on my front door……I’ve still got my sled and ice skates on the front porch………………Carol