It’s that time again…..plow the garden. Till the soil. Work the ground. Whatever you want to call it. Maybe even a few….no-till farmers. I’m going to try that once I retire from milking cows. I read about no-till gardening in our farm magazines. Something to think about. The question is….will I ever retire?! Probably not, but I have my retirement plan in place just in case. I’m sure that many of you already tilled the soil last fall. That’s the ideal scenario, but my life is far from ideal, or perfect. I take what I can get. Earl was “tilling the soil”, and I was excited. 014.jpg            Here’s Farmer Brown getting after it. We had a bunch of calves in this area for the last four months or so, and so it definitely needed some help. All that cow poop and hay and “rich” compost needed to be turned and tilled under. This spot is where the boys have their gardens, and where we grow our sweet corn. I want to have a nice, productive corn patch……my freezer is empty. If I can keep the bossy bovines out of it. They sniff  out sweet corn like the boys sniff out my secret chocolate stash. 019.jpg      I love the smell of freshly tilled dirt. Does anyone still have a 4 bottom plow?! This is from the dark ages…..and it still works great. I remember as a young whipper snapper when we still did a lot of plowing fields. I never did plow much, but my sister did. To this day, she still thinks that she’s the best at it. We will let her think so…..wonder if she could drive a tractor in “high heels”?! Haha  021.jpg      This is my other garden site. I can look  out my kitchen window and keep an eye on this one. I’m hoping to have plenty of room for some cut flower gardening. I usually go hog wild and fill it up no problem. And then when it’s time for “weed control”, I have some regrets. But those homegrown vegetables sure taste good. 022.jpg     This is my tank garden. I like to put all the “cool” season plants in here. As you can see….my green onions are growing nicely. I planted these on Feb. 13. I remember, because that’s when Earl was on his vacation. I’m sure I was teetering on the edge and thought maybe if I did a little gardening I could stabilize my blood pressure. I also planted radishes, lettuce, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Yes, the netting looks a little weird. It’s those sorry felines. They won’t stay out of it. So now, I’m at war with the cats again. It happens every year. I have big plans for this corner this summer. I’ll keep you posted.020.jpg     I found two stalks of asparagus. I love asparagus. My neighbor lady eats it raw. So, when I only have a few stalks and not enough to cook a batch…that’s how I eat it. It’s tasty. A delicious snack. And yes, I’m weird. 027.jpg      So then, I rode around the house on the gator and looked over all my flower beds and inspected everything. My, my, my….the weeds are going crazy. I have got to get busy. I felt so overwhelmed. Here’s what I did. I went inside, fixed myself a large iced coffee, grabbed one of my favorite magazines, and tried to calm down. It was time to go milk the bovines…..or I would’ve started pulling weeds right then and there. Cows rule, you know. About the time I’m feeling inspired, it’s time to go milk. Some days I feel as if I’m running on a hamster wheel. Round and round we go. I’m not complaining……just explaining. Gotta run…………….Carol