Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been busy chasing monkey’s. Dairy farm monkey’s. Candace sent me some pictures of real monkey’s from her side of the world. They were visiting a monkey temple, and the monkey’s were considered to be guards. Today, I’m going to show you pictures of my “farm monkey’s” that I work with every day. Warning: some of these pictures may be a bit disturbing. Read at your own risk……..013.jpg     Awwww…….isn’t he cute?! I was in the middle of milking when she sent me this picture. Of course, I had to immediately send back some pictures of my “monkey’s”. Or are they apes? I don’t know. Either way, they’re scary. She wanted me to make sure I show Marshall this picture, because she knew he would have a “fit” about monkey’s wild and free. That was the first thing out of his mouth….do they run free? 018.jpg            Oh my goodness!!!! What the heck?! I thought you all needed a good laugh…..with the weather going crazy and all. Some days, that’s the only way to survive….by laughing. As soon as Candace sent me her pictures, Earl decided it was time to bring out the “monkey” in the milk barn. I’m tellin’ ya……milking cows does crazy things to a persons brain. Here is all the proof you need. If you don’t hear from me for awhile….I’m grounded for posting this. Hahaha 021.jpg     How appropriate. Hanging upside down from the tree. That’s what monkey’s do, right? We were feeding calves, or rather, I was, when I looked up and here Michael was swinging from the tree. My first thought…..sure hope he doesn’t fall on his head. Then it was….stay there I want to take a picture. They love Mom and her camera. 025.jpg      When he finally got down…..Oh, my head! I wonder if I could still do tricks like that?! Remember swinging upside down from the old metal swing sets? We were daredevils! Haha059.jpg     This is the youngest monkey on the farm. I found the boys out on top of the manure tanker…so I told them to stay there, I want to take some pictures. I overheard Marshall telling Michael……”See what you did…you just turned this into another blog story”. Haha They got me figured out alright. 061.jpg     Michael was climbing down inside of the tanker to clean out any dirt. That’s why he has the head lamp on. It was a dusty job. Getting ready to put it to work this spring. 056.jpg      Both monkey’s up there. Neither one seems to be afraid to climb anything. Silos…trees….you name it. They’re willing to go to the top. That’s a good thing, because I’m scared of heights. Unless there’s a bull chasing me. Then I will go to new heights never gone before. 010.jpg     This is our “cow” monkey. She looks a bit strange out of that one eye. Kinda freaky. She got pink-eye when she was just a little calf and this is how her eye healed up. So now we nicknamed her “cone” eye. A very fitting name if I must say so myself. Haha You see all kinds of strange things when you live on a dairy farm. She’s a happy cow!019.jpg     Last but not least…..the Mama monkey with all her little ones. Help! These monkey’s never leave me alone. They’re always yelling at me. Always hungry. Will it ever end?! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s dim, but I see it. Until then…….keep my head down and persevere. Or something like that…………………Carol