Does anyone else think that getting a garden ready for planting requires a lot of work? My goodness, this takes some serious planning. We have finally reached Phase 2 and 3 on the garden plot. Now, I will show you just how handy it is to be married to a farmer. 009.jpg     This right here is why I married a farmer. Just look how they can make short order of all your gardening needs! Something that would take me hours…maybe days, will take a farmer only about 5 minutes. They sure are handy to have around. Check out those blades…..they can slice and dice and make everything real nice. 007.jpgAll it took was two passes and he was ready to move on to something bigger and better. For example….A Dr. Pepper break?! 015.jpg     Finally, what I have been waiting for. Check out that beautiful soil. It tilled up so nice and fine. All that compost we’ve dumped in there should give me an awesome crop of vegetables. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.017.jpg     Musket watched the whole thing go down. As soon as the Farmer was finished…..the dogs headed for the garden. They love marching through the fresh dirt. Last season, the “pups” kept pulling out all my onions. Hopefully they’ve matured a bit. I’m not sure though, I’m still finding all kinds of “toys” in the front yard. Like a raccoon carcass. Lots of things happen at night.035.jpg     Here we have farmer #2 and #3. They were building calf pens for me, and so I took them some milkshakes and hamburgers. It was time to refuel their bodies. The dogs are waiting for any crumbs that might fall to the ground. Haha Licking their chops, you might say.042.jpg      Ahhh….spring. How beautiful! This is my redbud in full bloom. Please, why do they call it a redbud? It sure looks purple to me! And the same with red onions….I don’t understand. They are purple! Either way, I love this tree….I’m buying another one, maybe 2 or even 3. Shhh…..don’t tell the farmers. They will have to help me dig the holes. And now….I have got to go get that dumb sled off of the front porch. I cannot take it anymore! What have I been doing with all my time?! Why is it still there? It’s March for cryin’ out loud! Gotta run………………………..Carol