So, our “Farmer” had a birthday on Wednesday. I always wonder what other “normal” folks do on their birthdays. Does everyone celebrate? Do they take the day off? Is there a big party? Or is it just another day? Today I’m going to tell you what “dairy folks” do on their birthdays. We milk cows, feed calves, scrape cow poop, feed, and try to check off the endless “to do” list. Hang on, and I’ll take you through the Farmer’s birthday. 035.jpg            Here we have the birthday boy and the crazy farmer’s wife. We finally conquered the morning milking. What?! A morning off?! No way, man! Birthday or not….those cows have to be milked. It takes all hands on deck. Especially on week days. Which consists of the Farmer and the Farmer’s wife. I told him not to expect a whole lot…that way he won’t be disappointed. Haha The older you get…the less important a birthday feels. Right?030.jpg     He is the best “bottle filler” around. We had another 4 cows freshen ( having a calf ) this week, so these bottles will go to brand new calves. Every time I think I’m getting close to the end of calving……they start popping out again. I give up! At least the weather is warmer, and I’m not freezing my tail off anymore. 039.jpg      The calves all showered Earl with birthday wishes that morning. They sang a loud and “off-key” birthday song especially for him. Don’t you think he looks like he’s having a great day?! He gave them extra milk that morning, just because………044       What a nice birthday present. A new calf. Just what he wanted. A bouncing baby boy…..or girl? I don’t even know what it was. I don’t ask anymore. It’s no easy task to crawl inside the calf hutches when you get to be our age. First of all, you crawl over the cattle panel and rip a hole in your pants. Always at the crotch. Then you crawl inside the hutch, because the calf is too lazy to get up. Getting out is another story. I just crawl out on all fours. It’s a sight to behold. Sometimes I just want to keep on crawling…’s easier than getting back up again. Haha059.jpg      Checking all the “dry” cows and feeding them. This needs to be done every morning. The cows are like the dogs…..anything can happen during the night. Are we about finished? I’m getting hungry for breakfast.064.jpg     Yes, finally time to eat breakfast. This is Earl’s favorite breakfast food. Fried cornmeal mush with tomato gravy. When he’s got access to this…..all self-control goes flying out the window. Haha And then it’s time for the “flop on the couch” naptime. Ahhhh……beautiful!073.jpg     The afternoon consists of more work. He hauled compost for my garden tanks. On his birthday?! Wow! That took up quite a bit of time, and before you know it……it’s time to milk the bossy bovines once again. 075.jpg      Ahhh….the best part of the day. Cake time! This is an angel food cake with icing. Earl’s Mom always makes these for birthdays. They never last long around our house. I haven’t had time to make his “special” birthday meal, so that celebration is still to come. That will probably consist of “melt in your mouth” beef tenderloin. What carnivore doesn’t like beef tenderloin?! So, I still have plenty of celebration to plan for….as time allows. It’s tough to “party” when you live on a dairy farm. Ya gotta squeeze it in whenever you can………………….Carol