Well, our favorite farm girl called us last week. She is still enjoying her travels, living the culture, and eating weird food. She is currently on a 20 day hike high up in the mountains. In fact…..she has been to the look out point for Mt. Everest. Yes! That’s right! Mt. Everest! She sent me some awesome scenery pictures. I told her to please get me some souvenirs of Mt. Everest. I’m fairly certain that I will never get to see that beautiful view with my own eyes.011      Here we have her team that she’s traveling with. She has such a great bunch of friends to be with. They have so much fun together. Lots of laughter, jokes, helping each other through thick or thin……friends for life. I’m hoping they all travel to Oklahoma to visit the “farm” this summer. It would be like a grand finale for the team. Haha Our scenery isn’t quite that amazing, though. Just a bunch of black and whites.078.jpg       She sent me this picture saying that they crossed a river on this tiny bridge. I’m pretty sure I would have been shaking in my shoes. I’m scared of heights. The hike that they’re on is what all hikers use to go to the one and only…..Mt. Everest. So, it must be pretty safe to cross. 082.jpg     That’s my girl….go get ’em. This is what she loves….such an adventure. What an amazing view! You know….I’m kind of jealous. All the wonderful things that she is experiencing. But then again…..I also know of some “not so wonderful” things that she’s dealt with. So, I’m happy where I am.  Haha Read between the lines on that one. 099.jpg       This is Mt. Everest……right down the middle. Way back there. They still have a looong ways to go to get there. But she only went as far as the actual “look out point”, and was going to stop. Three of the team stayed back and the other three went on for base camp. It was straight up from this point and much more difficult hiking. The high altitude was about all she could handle right here.100.jpg      She said that when she opened her bottle of “germ x”, it exploded out the top. Must be some pretty “thin air” up there. No wonder those hikers need oxygen at the summit. I would be dead! If she would have gone on to the base camp, she probably would have been able to visit with some that have been up there. Wow! What a view!080.jpg       She takes about as many pictures as I do. So, she will have much more to show us when she finally gets home. I can’t wait. 098        Another beautiful mountain view. And what the heck is that hand doing there? She did that for the boys. It’s their secret code……for what? Weirdness! Who knows? But they sure get a kick out of it. Leave it to the farm kids…..homemade entertainment. Awesome pictures, Candace! Be safe! We miss you! Can’t wait till you come home! All the cows say Hi. And the dogs….cats….calves….. We love you……….Carol and farm crew!