What a busy weekend! Chalk it up as one of the best ever! The saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, was definitely true this time around. My family planned a surprise birthday party for my Mom, and so I got to take the weekend off. Away from the bovines, cow poop, calves, and all the muck and the mire. It was wonderful to have a three day break. Time to recharge my batteries, so to speak.090.jpg              Here we have the “birthday girl”. She’s 70 years young. We thought that was reason enough to have a celebration. I sure hope I age as gracefully as her. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out though, with me having “Mad Cow” and all. We shall wait and see. 088.jpg      Here’s my brother and his youngest daughter……he planned the surprise. It was his idea to have everyone come home and celebrate. So, we all jumped at the idea and one thing led to another. Before long, we had a full weekend planned.085.jpg     We had balloons, confetti, streamers, banners, and cool sunglasses. I’m putting these sunglasses on my wish list. What girl doesn’t want a pair of “princess” sunglasses?! How would I look mowing my yard in these? Cool or crazy?123.jpg We had plenty of balloon frights. The little girls were in charge of the balloons. We had a few “POP” now and then which was quite hilarious. You should’ve seen my Dad jump! Haha That was the highest he’s ever been.116.jpg     The birthday cake was fabulous! It had a special cream filling in the center and lots of icing…..my favorite. It went great with my coffee the next morning. I even brought a few pieces home with me. My Mom insisted……I gladly consented. 082.jpg    Speaking of morning coffee…….this is what breakfast looks like at “home”. Three cheers for Lucky Charms. That would be my crazy sister trying to do a commercial for our favorite cereal. By the looks of her, she just rolled out of bed. Haha It’s always so nice to sleep late. Except, I always wake up early. My internal alarm clock is set for life. But who cares……I get up and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and sit around and do nothing. Feels awesome. 095.jpg     We went to an wonderful little coffee shop for an afternoon treat. That was extra special for me…..I rarely get out like this. I’m like a duck out of water when I go to the big city. I was being picked on the whole weekend. I guess for being “rough around the edges” or something?! It didn’t bother me one bit…..I gave it right back. Remember….farm girls are tough as nails. 093.jpg     My cup of Joe was almost too pretty to drink. Wow! I wonder if I could create this at home?! I wish! And the muffin……..it had lemon in it. A lemon berry muffin. Delicious! Yes, I’m still on my lemon kick. 197.jpg      Aaaahhhh…..yes. Lemon. We were fortunate enough to see many of our long, lost friends and family. This is our famous “lemon bar” friend. We go way back. If only we would have had time to sit and reminisce for hours. Short and sweet was better than nothing.144.jpg     Here we have another long ago friend. We have tons of hilarious memories with this girl. Holy Moly! What a blast we had growing up together. Let the good times roll! Haha145.jpg     Uncle Eli and Aunt Katherine. Lots of wonderful memories. He was and always will be a big John Deere fan. Now that’s a smart man! I had no idea my brother was so much taller than me. Am I shrinking?153.jpg     My Mom with more Aunts and Uncle Fred. This is where we have lots of craziness. If you’re looking for a good laugh…..sit and talk for awhile. I laughed more this last weekend than I have in the last six months. What a great way to recharge my batteries. They were almost dead. No wonder I was having to use the jumper cables to get me going in the mornings.164.jpg     I took a quick visit to the barn. Marshall had given me strict orders to take pictures of their pony. He wants a horse so bad he can hardly contain himself. I wouldn’t mind having a cute little one like this.176.jpg     I always like to go to the tractor shed. I took this for Michael. He loves to drive tractor. This is what his dreams are made of. A big, huge, mean machine. John Deere. That is the way to go.  I would love to operate this tractor. Forget the housework when you have one of these. 279.jpg      This is the whole gang. We had a wonderful time. Now it’s back to the real world again. So much for parties. When I came back……the house had been turned into a Man Cave. The smell slapped me in the face when I stepped inside the door. Whoa Nellie! The “boys” were glad to see me back home again. Well, this story is way too long, but I didn’t know where to stop. Talk to ya soon…………………………Carol