Does this happen to anyone else? When you take a few days off… takes just as long to get back into the swing of things again. Maybe even twice as long. It’s called “back to the daily grind”, or something like that. Is it worth it? Yea, this definitely was. We made many memories. So, now I’m trying to catch up. Which never happens. Not this time of year. April is one of our busiest months ever. This is when we put up our most important feed crop.039.jpg     This is what we’ve been doing this week. We cut our wheat when it’s just about ready to head out. Is it called the “dough” stage? I’m not sure, but Earl has it down to a science. Which stage makes the best milk production, when to cut, etc. The only thing that will mess up the whole crop, is the weather. That’s what “farmers” have to deal with 365 days of the year. And why is he on his phone?! It had better be important!030.jpg    First of all…..who was the engineer that invented a “mower hitch”? It is maddening! It takes a whole army to try and get the stupid mower hitched to the tractor. And then it has to be a certain distance from the tractor to the mower PTO, and on and on. The whole time Earl is sweating bullets about getting the crop up on time, hand me that wrench, go get the thin pin, back up the tractor and line it up perfect. Hurry! Hurry! Finally, I just want to throw the wrench as far as I can and walk to the house and drink something strong! Very strong! But alas, there’s work to be done and Earl is on the edge! Talk about insanity. The love is in the air!035.jpg     We finally make it into the wheat field. This is what we find. Just look at all that beautiful feed! Aaaahhhhh! The cows will be in “hog heaven”. And so is Earl, the Farmer. Now, I know you wheat farmers are having a “hissy fit” about how we cut this down when it’s still green. But stay calm, we need the best cow feed and this is it. We will tedder it out next, and then rake, bale, haul, and wrap it all up in a long white snake out in the field. I’ll take you through the next steps of the crop as I take pictures of all the happenings. It’s a complicated series of events. But in the end… all pays off. It better, anyway.026.jpg     Meanwhile, I’m also back in the barn, on the 4-wheeler rounding up cattle, etc……… I squeeze in my gardening therapy every chance I get. Which, by the way, isn’t near enough. Looks to me like I’m cruising along at a whopping 1 Mph., second gear, and almost out of gas. Now that would suck. Running out of gas in the middle of the field. I’m not going to tell you how fast I can go flying across the pasture. It’s not safe, you know. That’s what I tell my kids. 027.jpg      Musket is such a “needy” dog. He needs a ride every so often. To keep him from deep, dark depression. Just so you know, we have the biggest mud hole in our county right here in the driveway. We’ll blame it on the milk truck, feed truck, tractors, etc. Another plus of farm life. So, there you have my week. It’s a crazy life I live right now. I must go……gotta check on all the “boys” in the field. Thank God they’re home from school today. Gives me a little breather……………….Carol