Wow! What a busy week. What a busy month. I’m not sure what happened this week…..what day is it anyway? The “wheat hay” project is still going strong, but we’re taking a short breather. Waiting to see what the crazy Oklahoma weather is going to do. Until then…..let’s go to an Amish wedding. I’m serious…..we went to one on Friday. What an experience. And we had a great time. Let me show you………….259.jpg       Yep…the farm crew cleaned up and took the whole day off. Is this awesome or what?! It’s been years since I’ve been to something like this. As soon as we drove up, I was chompin’ at the bit……..Oh my, I have to get some pictures! There were buggies everywhere. And big, fast horses. I’m not used to being around horses….just big bossy bovines. Horses are kind of intimidating to me.258.jpg      They had all the horses tied up to long trailers filled with hay. They stood there and ate and visited with each other while all the humans went inside to party. Haha Just kidding. Amish weddings are very different than ours. 221.jpg      The wedding started at 9:00, but the “English” people don’t always go for the whole service…..unless you want to sit on a hard, backless bench for three hours. And then not be able to understand anything that is being said. They preach in German. So…..we arrived fashionably late, and walked around the buggy parking lot taking pictures. I have no idea what Earl is trying to do. Acting like a weirdo? I believe his brain is still out in the hay field somewhere.223      Now please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not being disrespectful. This is the funniest thing ever. They kneel on the benches to pray, and when this all started happening……Earl panicked! The seating is very tight. Earl is not tiny. Get the idea?! He was thinking……how am I going to turn around? How do I get down that low? My knees won’t bend. He did finally manage to get down, but how is he going to get back up without causing a major scene? If at all?! I was laughing hysterically the whole time. Quietly, of course. Man, it was hot in there. Where is the air conditioning?230       After the service was over with, we all went outside to head on down the road where the reception was being held at. I quickly asked a friend of ours if he could find someone to give the boys a buggy ride. Sure enough…….we all got to ride. Just look at those cute little girls and their homemade dresses. 238      The boys had never had a buggy ride like this before. Now that was fun. Sitting in the back seat just cruising along at a very “slow” rate of speed. A person could get some serious thinking done while driving a buggy!236      Earl sat in the front with the driver. They were chatting it up the whole time. Who did most of the talking? That would be a toss up. He was telling Earl that it takes him approximately 40 minutes to drive 9 miles in a buggy. That would take some serious planning. I just don’t think I’m cut out for that kind of thing. I’m too impatient. Nice view, though! Haha251       I snapped a few pictures on our ride. I tried to be as discreet as possible. It is “taboo” you know to have their picture taken. Oh well, just this once won’t hurt. Will it? Nah……272      Once we arrived at our destination…….it was time to unhitch the horses again. That looks so complicated. They are pretty horses, though. The boys were almost scared to walk up to them. It’s so different than cows. Marshall is begging for a horse. What will I do with another animal?! 281      This is crazy! I’ve never seen a “hat hangar” like this before. How many hats are hanging in the tree? There were hats laying all over the place. How in the world do they know which hat belongs to who?! They all look the same……black and round. Different fabric?285     Half Amish! Half English! Now that’s a handsome dude. Where are the black pants and white shirt?288     Marshall was having so much fun. They just walked up to the little tree and helped themselves to a hat. Where is their Mother?! Did she not teach them any manners? Social skills? Proper etiquette? They’re farm boys, remember?! We don’t get out much.289     The Amish lady’s garden was huge. And just look at all those potatoes. Have fun digging those, I say. Then Marshall asks me why we don’t plant that many. Never ask a question like that to a Mad Cow milkmaid!297      They had two little miniature ponies hitched up to this cute stagecoach. Looks like the little boys are acting out a “western”……maybe a bank robbery? I wonder if they know who John Wayne is? 295      Here we have one of the ponies. So cute. Earl was “petting” it’s head. I like the cute little “cotton top” in the background. There were little Amish boys everywhere. We were definitely the “outsiders” that day. It’s totally “Ok” to pick your nose, little one. I do it in the barn all the time. 270     Reel him in, Gertie! Reel him in! Play nice…then when he gets close enough, I’ll pretend to bite him. We will scare the pants off of this “English” boy alright! Hahaha I love playing this trick! They fall for it every time………………….Carol