Today, we’re back to talking about bovines. Especially one in particular named, Barbara Ann. I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before. She’s a family pet. Little but mighty. Well, she’s been in the back pasture resting and waiting to give birth. So, the other week, in between our wheat hay excursions, she decided it was time. She had a bouncing baby boy.181.jpg      Here she is….the one and only. We had named her Barbara a long time ago, but just since she had her calf did she get a middle name. And that is all because of a family friend named Chris Young. He was here the morning that she freshened. He had the honors of helping Earl pull the calf. Earl was in a frenzy trying to find the “chains”, looking high and low. I never asked about the details. I’m pretty sure how it all went down. Been there, done that. 176.jpg       Back to the name…….Chris started calling her Barbara Ann. Where did the “Ann” come from? Oh yeah…..he reminded Earl that the Beach Boys had a song Barbara Ann. Well, it stuck. Now, every time she comes in the barn….it’s Barbara Ann. I wonder what other names that man has rolling around in his head?! Just look at that udder. Sure, she does have quite a bit of swelling……but Holy Cow! No wonder she’s a bit sassy these days. I would sure hate to carry that thing around all day. How can they even manage to walk? 184.jpgYoo-Hoo! Candace? Can you hear me? Where ever you are…..I finally had my calf. And it’s a beauty! A Holstein. When are you coming home to see me again? You better not waste any time……the little “Tiger” is growing fast. Your Mama is feeding it for me because I’ve got my hands full. This udder of mine is pretty much all I can handle at the moment. I overheard them say that I’m sassy. Well, excuse me, but can you blame me?!186.jpg      Ok…..we have a photo bomber! What the heck is going on?! I was busy taking pictures of Barbara Ann…..never saw the kid in the background. Do not try this at home! This boy…..he sure keeps things lively around this joint. He’s in his own little world.191      So, after I was finished taking all my pictures……I realized what was going on. I walked on over and took a few close-ups. I have no idea why he did this. A new trick?! What is the infatuation with hanging upside down? First the trees….now this. Hmmmm…..wonder if I could pull a stunt like this? I may try this when no one is around……………..Carol