I’m finally eating some fresh vegetables from the garden. Man, they taste good. There’s just nothing better than eating from your own garden. Amen?! I’m sure I’ve talked about my garden tanks before. I collect old, rusted stock tanks, fill them with dirt and grow vegetables, flowers, and weeds. This way I can plant cold weather seeds and be eating the good stuff while I wait on my “big” garden to get plowed, tilled, and dried out from the 3 1/2 to 4 inches of rain we just got. Holy Moly! Can it rain. Our whole farm is a massive mud hole.157.jpg     Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! The perfect salad. I could live on salads….but there are carnivores in the house. They don’t care much for the green stuff. One of these days they’ll mature and realize what they’ve been missing all these years.093.jpg      I have my fresh produce aisle right here in my own back yard. Before we got our rain storm, I was having to water regularly. So while I was watering, I picked the lettuce, radishes, and onions……washed them off with the hose…..and chowed down. All I lacked was a salt shaker. I love red leaf lettuce. Earl is the radish and onion lover. Oh boy…..you should watch him eat green onions! Or rather…..just listen. Holy Cow! It sounds like the whole herd just marched through my kitchen. Haha 096.jpg      Right beside my vegetable tank, I have my spearmint tea. This stuff is beautiful! I’ve been known to tuck a few of these leaves behind my ear while I’m milking the bovines. It smells heavenly. Marshall is in charge of brewing the tea. He’ll cut it off, wash it, and run it through the ice tea maker. He can make a pretty mean batch of iced tea. I put it in this tank because it spreads like wild fire, and will take over the whole lawn if left unattended. Besides, it fits perfectly in my tank garden.090.jpg        This was taken right after it rained cats and dogs. As you can see, my big garden is flooded in some areas. Thank goodness, I didn’t have my act together and have everything planted already. Some times it pays off to be behind everyone else. I think. Maybe. The tank behind me is planted with strawberries. I hear that they’re hard to get established…..but I wanted to try. We’ll wait and see what happens. And that’s my row of potatoes. Yes, just one small row. Nothing like my hard-working Amish friend has. I’m hoping my brother pays us a visit when it’s “digging” time. I’m getting lazy.  086       Before you start thinking that I’m a good girl and eat only salads………think again. Lemon pound cupcakes. Yep! I’m still lovin’ lemon! And blueberries! Delicious!100.jpg       The lemon blueberry bread was pretty tasty too. Yes, I had lemon and blueberries on the brain this weekend. I had to prepare for this next week. The first three days we’ll be running a triathlon. It’s called running from the house to the barn to the hayfield……then back to the barn to milk and to the house to eat and sleep. Whew! I’m already winded…………………..Carol