Well, we did some more wheat hay this week. In between all the raining of “cats and dogs”.  The fields were a bit soft, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. We rounded up a few willing helpers to “wrap” things up. Many hands make light work……  A Mr. Chris Young has been helping us from the very “git go”. A very handy man to have around. Maybe if I dangle a chocolate milkshake in front of him, he’ll come back for more work.  026.jpg      This was the “handy man” baling away. His tractor….our baler. Now, let me just say a few things here……Give me that tractor!! It’s perfectly fine sitting in our barn for awhile. I can drive anything that’s green.021.jpg     And then we have the “rake man”. This was actually my job for the day…..Michael relieved me for a little while until he was called elsewhere. He had been to a track meet….ran two miles….and rushed home to help. I can’t wait for school to be out for the summer. Then it’s time to turn all tractor driving over to the boys. I’ve done it for 20 plus years….let me go work in the garden.038.jpg      Next we have the haulers. We bring everything in from the field and line them up to be wrapped. Remember, this is wet hay and it needs to be wrapped right away and sealed tight. This will turn it into “haylage”. It has a three week fermenting to go through and then “abra ca dabra” it’s magic feed. The cows’ eyes roll back in their heads and they feast until it’s gone. In other words……they are in love with it.067.jpg     Here’s one of our hay haulers. We had more but they took off before I could get my act together and take pictures of all the mayhem. This one here…..he wanted to be on the front cover of a magazine, but I said “No way, you haven’t hauled enough hay! Get back to work! Haha What a slave driver. We all have lots of fun when there’s plenty of help. On the flip side….not enough help causes great distress. That’s putting it mildly.039.jpg     Here’s the machine. It doesn’t look like much, but it does magic. See that hand signaling me over? That’s not a good sign.042      Do these dudes have any idea what they’re doing?! Michael is loading the hay bale onto the wrapper with the tractor loader, and Earl is manning the wrapper. Chris is there to make sure everybody stays busy. He’s ready to back hand anyone that slacks on the job. Haha 050     This is what happens. As soon as the hay bale is plopped on the wrapper….it takes off and goes around and around. Wrapping it up like saran wrap. It’s actually pretty cool to watch….but alas….I was in the barn milking the bovines. No time to dawdle. 051      Ok, wait a second…..is this dawdling on the job?! And the two main dudes at that! We have the one playing on the wrapper remote, and the other one is messing with his phone. Tsk…tsk…tsk…061       The whole time Michael is still hauling bales and working hard. Git ‘er done, man! Watch the long, white snake grow.055.jpg      Oh no! He’s making a run for it! Is this what we call a “fence rider” or what?! Which way are you headed? Just lift the ole leg and take a leap of faith. Haha This picture gave me great laughs the rest of the day. We all got a big chuckle. See how much fun work can be? Thanks for the entertainment, man!095.jpg       A view from the top. Looks straight as an arrow to me. Who was driving that wrapper anyway?! Either way, it’s not going to last long. The cows can smell it a mile away. I wish I could send the smell to you. It smells sweet and delicious! Almost makes me want to take a sample. Almost!093.jpg     Ok, it is high time to wrap this baby up. Too bad we don’t have 4 rows like this. Oh well, we did the best we could. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate. That’s a farmer’s favorite line……”maybe next year”. I’ve heard that a million times……………………..Carol