Happy May! Good riddance April! I am ready to see April head on outta here. What a crazy month…..bring me some sunshine. April is always a major transition month. Stormy weather, monsoon rains, and all the while trying to put up our most important feed crop. We just had a weekend of down pours and chilly weather. 3.2 inches in a matter of 24 hours. That’s not counting what we already had in the last week. It’s not a good situation for a dairy farm with lots of bovines. Oh, the muck and the mire. It’s a serious mess.039.jpg       Here’s “the kid” showing you just how deep a mud hole can get. Yep….the biggest little pond around. This is right where the milk hauler parks every time he comes. He has to crawl out of the passenger side of his truck to avoid the “high water”. The problem is drainage…..if we fill it with gravel, it floods the shop. So, we need to do some “engineering” and get this figured out. Until then, we’re hoping for some dryer weather. 011.jpg      What to do…laugh or cry?! It’s a double edged sword. We don’t want to complain about rain…we’re farmers. Our livelihood is so dependent on the weather. It would be kinda nice to ration it out a little more evenly, though. So, here we are…..mudding it out.052.jpg      This is Marshall and I heading to the”back forty” to feed calves. It’s called……suck it up and keep on keepin’ on. We just go straight through the mud holes. Why bother trying to go around?! It’s “squishy” everywhere. With so many bovines marching around in the pasture…..it’s a hopeless wreck. My washer is working overtime.033.jpg     We made it without getting stuck. Four wheelers can get stuck, you know. Every once in a great while it will happen. Not very often, though. That 4-wheel drive sure is handy in situations like these. Why is Marshall smiling?! The kid is footloose and fancy free. 031.jpg     See, I have my back turned for a reason. You can’t tell what my expression is. Am I laughing or crying? Smiling or growling? Take a wild guess! Those boots sure come in handy these days. Do not come to our farm with nice shoes on. They will be ruined. We live in boots. One of our children should become a “podiatrist”. So many “aching” feet. 038.jpg      Earl keeps on moving the hay bunks every couple of days. Trying desperately to find “higher ” ground. It doesn’t take long to rut up a pasture. 083.jpg     Same spot, different day. This looks beautiful. The previous picture….not so much. It does remind me that ” every cloud has a silver lining”. Thank goodness!054.jpg     Until then, let’s have some strawberry shortcake. Mmm…..this sure is tasty. I ate this right before my bedtime……guilt free. You betcha! It was liberating.022.jpg      And finally, this is my favorite cow. I don’t have to milk her, feed her, or take care of any of her needs. Why? Because she’s hanging on my wall. Isn’t she beautiful?! I added her to my latest collection of bovine memorabilia, and I’m loving her more and more every day. She’s white….no mud in sight………………….Carol

Happy May!!