Today was another “off the farm” day. Michael had a regional track meet, and “Mom and Pop” put their work aside for a few hours to go watch. I always get inspired at track meets. I used to be able to run. Fast! Now? Not so much. It takes some time for me to get going. Of course, I’m usually in my “muck boots”, and that is a feat in itself. Do not try that at home. Running after cows in boots is not ideal. Running is “kinda” on my bucket list….before I kick the bucket. Does that make sense?176         Here we have Mr. Ginormous and Mrs. Shrinking. I took one look at this and couldn’t believe how tall the dude is. I’m pretty sure it’s from all that “wholesome milk” he drinks. What else could it be?! This was after the race…..he doesn’t look all that winded. Me on the other hand……they would have to carry me off the track in a stretcher. 118.jpg       Ok, let’s get the show on the road. Michael is the 9th from the left. He’s looking backwards for some dumb reason. Probably wandering if he should just make a run for it….clear the fence and never look back. Haha The dude beside him had just told Michael what his time was and he knew he was in trouble. He didn’t have a great year of running this season compared to last year. I told him weighing 20 lbs. more and probably growing a few heads taller might have made a difference. He’s a growing boy!! Just in case you want to know….the 4th one from the left was the winner. He smoked ’em all. We called him the “orange dude”. 135.jpg      Look at him go. He had 8 laps to make around that long track. Earl told him he would keep track and hold up his fingers in case he lost count. By the second lap Earl was already asking me which lap we were on. Heck if I know! I was busy taking pictures so Michael could critique himself and his form. It doesn’t look like he’s having a very good time. Just sayin’. 161.jpg      Yes! We finally made it to the finish line! I think he wants to throw up. Let me just say….I would have done that on the first lap already. Those runners always make it look so easy. Well, I decided that I’m going to find out just how easy it is. After school is out….I’m headed to the high school. We’re going to find out what this farm girl is made of. Can I make one lap….or just half a lap?? How many minutes? Believe me…..I will make sure nobody is around….except for the boys. They’ll be allowed to act as my coach. This should be very interesting. 180.jpg     The two “farm cats”. Earl’s hat has CAT on it, so that’s their name for the day. CATS! They must be watching a serious race. If I remember right, it was the relays. Now there you have some serious speed. Holy Cow! Those dudes can run. It was as if they were just gliding along. Another inspiration for me….speed. That would be so much fun to out run everyone else. But alas….my speed is buried deep underneath all the cow poop and “bull” we have around here.178.jpg     What in the world do we have here?! A “bovine” girl! When Michael left this morning I told him I’ll be wearing a bright orange shirt and my cow umbrella. You won’t be able to miss me. It’s sad I can’t leave the black and whites at home. Those are two of my favorite colors though….plus orange. Maybe it’s the years I’ve spent with the Holsteins….Mad Cow….or even both. We’ll probably never know.189.jpg     Ok dude, we’re headed out. There’s work to be done on the farm. Never ending work. Michael is done for the day. Now, he gets to relax under the tent… games, snack, take a nap, etc. They sure know how to squeeze a lot of kids underneath those tents. Oh to be young again! Haha Well, so long, farewell, good night, until we meet again. Remember the Lawrence Welk show? They always said that at the ending……………………………Carol