It’s strawberry season in Oklahoma…….has been for awhile. The strawberry patch brings back so many “fond” memories. Mom would always get us up while it was still dark and we would be at the patch by the crack of dawn. We thought we were dying getting up so early. So much whining and complaining. Wonder what would happen if I tried that now?! I have….and it ain’t pretty! Haha Well, we picked strawberries until Mom was satisfied and then we headed home to start the long process of cleaning and washing and making jam, etc. It was an all day affair. Now I look back and think “what fun”….and we didn’t even know it.001.jpg      Marshall is the fruit lover in the family. Don’t those berries look fabulous?! Oh, Mama! They were so tasty. I got lazy this year and just ordered what I wanted and had them picked for me. I truly did want to pick them myself, but time didn’t allow. I’m just trying to survive until school’s out. Then the boys will take over a lot of the “dirty” work. Maybe then I’ll have more time to be domestic. Hopefully!244.jpg      Today though, I went back to the patch to get some more berries just to eat fresh. It didn’t take very long at all to pick 10 pounds. I cheated and looked for the nice big ones that would work for dipping in chocolate. And of course….more fruit pizza.015.jpg      Ahhh….yes! My favorite! The whole family loves this stuff. It never lasts very long around this household. It’s very simple and delicious! That’s my kind of dessert. 255.jpg      These folks do such a great job with their patch. It’s so clean and easy to pick. I didn’t get there until late afternoon, so it was pretty hot out there. I’m glad I only needed a small amount. Now I understand why Mom wanted to get up so early. Older and wiser! Why does it always take so long to figure things out?!252.jpg       It takes about 2 1/2 buckets like this to make 10 pounds. Ta da! They look beautiful! I’m thinkin’ a big beautiful pie would taste pretty good about right now.203.jpg     Holy Moly! Look what I found?! I can’t remember the last time I made a pie. I whipped out the ole cookbook and got busy. I walked in the house this morning after doing chores and grabbed a few bites right out of the pan. I just couldn’t help myself. I was milking those bossy bovines and kept thinking about this beautiful pie. It was delicious with my morning coffee.205.jpg        And then I also had to make some freezer jam……because Mom always did it. See how those things work?! We hated it back then…now we love it. Humans are so weird! This is our favorite. All I need now is some homemade bread. 158.jpg      I started a few strawberry plants of my own this year. This is my crop. Haha Hopefully I can keep these alive and have some nice ones next year. Just overlook the weeds. I’ve been busy, man! So there you have it. That’s what I do with beautiful strawberries. We love them. Stock the freezer full and enjoy throughout the year. I think I’ll fix myself a strawberry limeade tomorrow….just because……………………..Carol