My Mothers Day was a happy one……the only thing I would change would be to have Candace home. But there is good news…..she’s on her way. Yee-haw!! I’m so excited. It’s been since Thanksgiving that we’ve seen our favorite farm girl. That’s too long for me. We had our last video call from Nepal on Sunday evening. It was short and sweet because we didn’t have very good reception, but well worth it anyway. 008.jpg       Here they are. What a team! I got her itinerary out to try and figure out exactly where she’s at right now. I’m so confused. There’s a 11-12 hour difference and a day ahead of us. She sent a message early, early this morning saying that they were at the airport. But where? Which one? So, the best I can do is think that she’s maybe high above the ocean right now. They have a 13 hour flight coming across the big pond. Oh, the stories she will have for us. And the questions we’re going to ask her. So many details we want to hear…………005.jpg       She had such a wonderful time on her travels, but I could tell that as the time came for them to come home……she was excited. She said she can’t wait to see us. And her list of favorite foods is quite long. All those delicious things she went without. This Mama is just very happy to oblige to her cravings. Haha I told her to bring me some “curry” from Nepal. They had some very interesting food. She wants to cook some Napali food for us…….I’m quite sure the boys won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. 006.jpg      I don’t know about the other parents, but I’m guessing they feel the same as us……emotional wrecks. Earl thought he saw a picture of Candace on social media and started crying, but Michael came along and said….No, Dad….that’s not Candace. He burst that bubble! And Mama…..I’m holding back tears all the time. Every time I think of her coming home….I fight back the crocodile tears. They are happy tears! I have a bad feeling I’m going to fall apart when I see her…it’s been such a long time. All Mama’s will understand, I’m sure. I’m a total wreck. All the bravery of the last 6 months are going to go flying out the window! Haha I’m really not brave at all…..just a tough ole’ farm girl. She has to stay in Columbus for 10 days or so to “detox” as I call it. After that….she’s home free. Many more stories to come. Stay tuned……………………………..Carol