That’s right…….we are draining the swamp. And I’m not talking political. This is the real deal. Rich smelling, pure, 100% lagoon slur! It doesn’t get any better than that. Whew! Talk about rank! We can get pretty “smelly” around here. It was high time to do some “spring cleaning” you might call it. Let’s go haul some good ole’ cow poop!104.jpg            Here you go……this is the “poop machine”. It’s specifically for liquid manure. That way when we haul it across the road it won’t slosh all over the place. Yuk! We do make a lot of mud tracks, though. Which is to be expected. You have the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one place.263.jpg       If you can’t handle “get down and dirty”, you best just stop right now. This is not for the faint of heart. Earl prided himself in the fact that he backed up perfectly every time. He was spot on. And just look at that “liquid” come flowing out of the pipe! What a mess! That should make something grow!123.jpg       I was out there the one afternoon. Let’s just say…..hauling manure is not my favorite thing to do. Michael on the other hand…loves it. He’ll haul all day and not get tired. Especially if I send out a chocolate milkshake. That gives him fuel to finish the job.265.jpg     And why does he not have his boots on?! After all the rain we’ve had, it was extremely muddy. Mix in anything that ran over from the tanker……and you’ve got yourself some very rich soup!001.jpg      So, while the one “farmer” is hauling it off….the other one is stirring the pot. It’s a mighty big pot too. The more you stir….the more you can haul. It’s important to get the solids mixed up with the liquid so to better clean out the lagoon. Most of the solids will stay up on the concrete, but there’s always some that flow into the lagoon, and that needs to be stirred and stirred and stirred. Get the idea?101.jpg       It’s stirring underneath and spraying out of the gun….all at the same time. We’re mixing up a real good batch. That “gun” will turn every which way. So, here’s the question of the day… much money would it take for you to dive into the lagoon? Going under all the way. And having to dodge all the “snapping” turtles. Let’s just say that you probably couldn’t go anywhere for awhile. You’ll stink to “high heaven”. 272.jpg      So, while the “stir man” is stirring, the “hauler dude” is making one heck of a mess. This is pretty much straight mud. Now that’s some good stuff. Anyone remember making mud pies when you were a kid. We’ve got the perfect mud hole for ya. So glad the kids are teenagers and I didn’t have 3 little ones playing in this. I think I would have cried.004.jpg      Now for the cleanup. Earl will hook up the high pressure washer and get busy. Everything needs to be washed off. If you don’t……it will corrode and be eaten up by all that rich manure. It’s wicked stuff if left alone for too long a time.020.jpg     Now, that’s starting to look much better. Make sure you get every nook and cranny. Whew! What a job! Sure glad that’s over with. At least for a little bit. Next month, maybe? So soon? Cows poop….every day….all day….it never ends! 120.jpg      The dogs stand by us through thick or thin. They found a nice little patch of green to lay on and watch all the action. They actually love the smell of cow poop. They told me so themselves. They think farm work is exciting. Well, there you have it. Now you know what “draining the swamp” is all about……………………..Carol