What a week! So much to do, so little time. Especially when the “inspector” comes sniffing around. When you live on a dairy farm…..that’s all part of it. Everything is humming along, and all of a sudden you see a white truck sitting in the driveway that says “State of Oklahoma” on the side of it. Your heart skips a beat, panic sets in and you start to breathe short, gasping breaths. Inspectors can make or break a dairy farm. It’s very important to go out to the barn and visit with him. You smile, agree with everything he says, and say…Yes, Sir. Inside you might be having “bad thoughts”, but you vent later. Very bad thoughts!069.jpg       Some of their rules are totally ridiculous. Like the “no fly” zone. With this many cows…..do you think we might have a fly problem?! Heck yea! And so we smile now and scream later. I’d like to take his “handy” little flashlight and throw it as far as I can. I do not have a bad attitude!123.jpg      One of the things he marked us on was painting. He wanted the milk house to have a fresh coat of paint. I always cringe when he says the word “paint”. That means it’s my job. Earl hates painting. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to paint the barn in the last 24 years. It “ain’t” fun, man! But look, the boys are great helpers. And they think it’s fun. At least for the first hour. Haha Why does the kid not have shoes on?105.jpg     The barn is a great place to teach someone how to paint. Here’s a brush, son. Slap it on! I don’t worry about being particular…..that makes it go so much faster. We make it look bright white and fresh and we’re good to go. The dogs were laying “in the road” all day. They have paint on their tails and back side from getting too close. 130.jpg     Michael was the “roller man”. He did a mighty fine job. Ceiling and all. The inspector always looks at the ceilings. Hey look, there’s fly specks! Drives me nuts. Notice that crazy cat laying on the shelf? 143.jpg      I’m always the “trimmer”. Up high, down low. That’s me. This is the only time I  crawl on top of the tank…….paint time. It’s easier going up than coming down. Is that an age thing?!109.jpg     And then Earl had to make a few “minor” adjustments in the parlor, so he stole my roller man. This looks totally safe. Teetering on top of the ladder. The barn is quite old and so every so often we need to do some replacement jobs. Bossy bovines can destroy pipes, bars, gutters, you name it……in no time at all. The “obese cows” can break things very easily. The “new heifers” will try to turn around, fall down, kick, and act crazy. That’s not a good scenario either. So, the barn is a hazard.052.jpg      They don’t like to see “standing water” anywhere. The insanity of it all! So, we had to buy a special mix to patch the floors. That cost a pretty penny. Ouch! What can you say? The inspector gave orders and we must obey. I think I gained a few gray hairs this week. Where is my hairdresser? I need color….now!038.jpg     Oh to be a dog! Clyde just lay there all day and slept. Right in the doorway. Spoiled dogs! They have it made in the shade! He looks dirty. Wonder where they’ve been?! They stink too.161.jpg     Alrighty! There you have it. Inspection week. Never mind that I look hideous. It’s been a long, hard week. But look what I’m holding. A perfect sheet! This was not easy. I begged, pleaded, and made all kinds of promises…….but I finally got it. We did it! Whew! Safe for a few more months…..until he makes his next surprise visit. I hate surprises like that……………………..Carol