Happy Memorial Day! It’s a day to remember our loved ones that have passed on. It’s a day to remember all of our brave veterans. A big “Thank You” to all that have fought for our freedom. We have so much to be thankful for. The stories that Candace has shared of her travels far and wide just confirmed what we already knew. So, to all veterans…..you are appreciated. 048.jpgI’m trying to get my flags up for the holiday. I love flags. I like to use them in my garden for added color and character. This will stay up all summer long. Why haven’t I thought of this before? It’s because my brain has too much “cow poop” floating around. I like this corner. A lot. 050.jpgAnd then my roadside flowerbed. This corner has given me lots of grief. But tuck a few flags onto the fence and it’s good to go. I’d like to put them in the ground around the edge……..but we have dogs. And they like to chew on everything. When I mow the yard I find dead carcasses, cardboard, bones, branches, shoes, etc. Just call us junkyard dogs. Haha I’m still working on the rest of my flags, but here’s to Memorial Day on the national level……….085.jpg      Marshall had  the great opportunity to travel to D.C. with the Pryor 8th graders. The school took care of everything……what a trip! He loved it! So much to see. Especially for a country boy. They all got to fly….stayed in a nice hotel….meals were provided….transportation was taken care of….and the itinerary was all mapped out months in advance. Some day I want to go see all the history and memorials too.001.jpg       Here we have the “country boy” balancing the monument on his shoulders. Haha This picture was on the front page of our local newspaper. Looks like they had plenty of good times. I was just a tad bit jealous. 084.jpg      Here we have another favorite picture of his trip. He said he took “thousands” of pictures. Wow! Wonder if I could put the bossy bovines on auto-pilot and go to D.C. for about a week? I’m sure Earl would go for that. Not! I’m thinking I need a robot, but then again….Earl doesn’t like that idea either. I guess I’ll just have to fly my flags here at home and celebrate Memorial Day right here on the farm…..with the bossy bovines. Maybe I’ll just go buy more flags…………………………Carol