Yep, that’s right…..our favorite farm girl is finally back home. It’s so nice to have the whole family together again. At least for a little bit. Seems like everyone has big summer plans. I better make the most of it before they all decide to “leave the nest”. Then it’ll just be us 2 old folks left to do all this work. I’m not even going to think about it….I’ll fall into a deep, dark depression. Here are a few “scenes” of Candace doing farm work again………………043.jpg       She had to visit the barn right away. She has a lot of “bovine” friends that she wanted to say Hello to. Yes, she still knows how to milk a cow. That kind of thing sticks with you for life. You might be a little “rusty” at first, but trust me….it’s still there deep down inside. 032.jpg      The question now is….who is the “photo bomber” of the family? Could it be Marshall or do we give the prize to Candace? They both seem to have it in their blood. As soon as the camera comes out….let the craziness begin.039.jpg      Hugs for the bovine pets. We call this cow Skunky. She has a white stripe going down the middle of her back. Very appropriate name. Skunky doesn’t seem all that impressed. She’s taking it all in stride. Candace on the other hand should be putting milkers on and working, but instead, is getting a bit sidetracked. Seems like that was an issue before she left. Hmmm……some things never change. Haha014.jpg      Ahhhh…..yes. The dogs remember. They were all excited to see their favorite human being again. It’s always her job to take care of their “pill” needs. She’s the only one that can get those huge “cow pills” down their throats. They definitely need some tick and flea relief. With all the dead carcasses and bones they drag around….does that surprise you?! Help is on the way….hound dogs!047.jpg        As soon as school was out I turned the calf feeding over to Marshall. I’ve been feeding babies for the last 6 months….and I desperately needed a break. We’re at the tail end of the baby calves. Just a few here and there that slipped through the cracks. So, it’s pretty easy going. So now that Candace is home…they are the calf feeders. For some reason though, it takes them a lot longer than it did me. Those two….are a mess. Marshall was so happy to see her. He told me soon after she came home…..”Can you believe she’s finally home?” He is one happy camper! The commentary is non stop. The racing around the house. The banging on the piano. The endless cat stories. It’s right here on the farm, but it’s all good………………..Carol