I’ll admit, sometimes country life can be “for the birds”. Here’s why. I was baptized with “cow pee” last week. It was dripping off of my forehead. I have no pictures for proof, but just ask Candace or Earl and they will tell you it really happened. I ran for the water faucet, and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. Needless to say, I was not very happy. That cow died a thousand deaths inside my head. I now feel the constant need to look up and check for “raised tails”. I’m a little “gun shy” you might say.074.jpg      Country life….most days I love it…..with a few exceptions. Like last weeks episode. Now, here’s the real “bird story” I have for you……………088.jpg       Now that we drained the “swamp”, it was also time to haul off all the solids. The solids is what’s left after all the liquid runs off into the lagoon. Remember, we live a very “dirty” life around here. Here we have the big dude loading the manure spreader and taking it out to the pasture. I tried to take a video of him spreading, but didn’t have enough hands. Have you ever tried to drive a four-wheeler while looking over your shoulder, record a video, and not get run over by the tractor? Or trying not to get hit by flying poop? I finally gave up and high-tailed it to safety.092.jpg        This area was stacked high with “solids”. Isn’t that a nice word for cow poop? Sounds so “fancy”….and we’re far from fancy. Oh well, Earl finally got everything cleaned off except for this small pile. What the heck is he thinking?! Why did he leave this and not haul it off?095.jpg      This is why. A killdeer nest with 3 eggs. He noticed that the “mother” was in total freak out mode….so he started looking around and found this nest. He couldn’t bring himself to destroy it, so he left this small pile “for the bird”. Those eggs sure blend in perfectly. That’s a pretty lucky bird if you ask me.083.jpg     So, while Earl had the “big dog” up and running, he also tilled up my pumpkin patch. This sure beats doing it with the small tiller. All it takes is 2 passes and he’s done. I planted 19 different varieties of pumpkins. Did I go a little extreme? I have a good excuse. The seeds were ordered in the dead of winter……when I was in a deep, anti-winter depression. All I wanted was warmth and sunshine. So therefore, I ordered way to many seeds. Sure hope they survive. I’ll have every size, shape, and color. I love pumpkins!078.jpg       I have my sweet corn patch right beside my pumpkin patch. So, I put Marshall to work tilling up the corn patch. It doesn’t look all that nice….too much rain. I’m hoping for enough to fill my freezer and a few shrimp boils. That is, if the cows don’t sniff it out. I’ve already had a few close calls. Cows and sweet corn are a scary combination. I’ve experienced too many disasters.107.jpg      Guess what?! It was also “donut day” last week. And “world milk day”. So, we had plenty of reasons to celebrate. The good out numbered the bad. Don’t these look heavenly? Candace and I each had one hot off the press. They were to die for………………………….Carol