Well, once again I spoke too soon. I thought I had the calf feeding turned over to Marshall and Candace for the summer. Not! They both took off for camp and guess who was in charge of the calf feeding?! Yep, that’s right. Yours truly! It’s called “back in the saddle again”. So, hang on to your horses……we’re gonna go feed some calves. 061.jpg       Shhh……don’t tell. It was kinda fun going to the “back forty” again. I’ll give you my reasons. First….look at my “short” row of calves. I only have about 15 or so to feed. Now that’s more like it. Beats feeding 500. That’s what the last 6 months felt like. Even though it wasn’t quite that many. I had calves running out of my ears. Second, it’s peaceful in the back pasture. No one else is around. The birds are chirping. And it’s not “freeze your butt off” cold. I love warm weather! 068.jpg      Clyde was my passenger….riding shotgun. The lazy hound. The dogs always run with the gator or four wheeler. They seem to know when it’s calf feeding time. There’s so much to sniff and chase in the back pasture. Life is exciting for a farm dog. I’m not sure what they’ve been up to the last few nights, but they smell to high heaven. Yuk! 079.jpg        Here’s one of the newest calves…..cute little stinker. Our hutches that we have are not made for summer weather. So, we have them under the shade trees and tip them up in the back for air circulation. Cinder blocks come in real handy for that. Works fine and dandy. 082.jpg      Of course, when they take off for camp….it’s also time to bed down hutches. No one likes the job. It’s a lot of “pitch forking” work. You might even break a sweat……who wants to do that?! The calves sure love to have a lot of fluff. They skip and play “ring around the rosie” while we throw it on top of them. Happy calves!053.jpg       The “boss man” wanted me to check on the “teenagers” while I was back there. Here you go……looks like trouble to me. Typical. They’re just looking for something naughty to do. They need to stay in the back forty for a long time. They get into trouble in the front pasture. Like my sweet corn. Been there, done that. We don’t want a replay of that. It’ll be called….”Diary of a Mad Farm Girl” if anything bad happens. 056.jpg       Then I spotted Shrek. Still growing big and strong…just weird looking. Marshall loves the Shrek movies. He’s been watching them again. It’s the perfect name for this heifer. We love Shrek!073.jpg      Finally….I’m almost home. I pass this calf pen and what do I get?! My Mama taught me not to stick my tongue out. And I taught my kiddos not to do it either. How come they get to do it? Life is NOT fair!066.jpg      My peaceful ride home. Just me and the dogs. Enjoying the last bit of sunshine. Watching the cows eat hay. Ahhhh……life is good! Snap out of it! There’s still supper to fix. Dishes to wash. And stinky chore clothes to throw in the washer. A farm girl’s work is never done………………….Carol