Today I’m going to show you all my “time out” corners. They aren’t because I’m being punished, but because it’s an excuse to sit and sip on a cold drink. I like to set up “cozy” corners through out my flower garden. It gives everything a “warm welcome” feel. My problem is….taking the time to sit and sip. I’d love to sip my morning coffee in one of my cozy corners, but alas…….I’m in the milk barn. Those bossy bovines own me. So, I’ll have to settle for second best…..iced coffee in the afternoon. Or maybe a cherry limeade. That sounds refreshing.002.jpg         Does this look relaxing or what?! I’ve wanted a hammock for a long time. Candace used this on her trip to Nepal. So the other morning after chores I found her in her “cozy” spot. I wanna have a turn too. If I crawl in there…..will I be able to get out?! I’m not a young whipper snapper anymore. No, I do not know how to play a Ukulele. I’m a “milkmaid”, remember?!023.jpg      Next on the list……my little “date” table. We don’t do outside dates….Earl hates eating outside. What is a “date” anyway?! Haha It looks cute, though. That’s what matters, right?! Come on over and sit for awhile. 058.jpg       Next stop…..antique chair. Is it really comfortable? Is it just for looks? I love these chairs. Just don’t set them in the hot Oklahoma sun or you’ll be walking around with “hot crossed” buns! Haha I love my stacked animals behind me. No matter where I go…those cows always seem to appear. Aaaaack!!! Help! Can’t you see I’m trying to take a break here?!063.jpg      This cozy spot is the half way mark between the house and the barn. So, if I can’t make it to the house without a quick break….I’ll pull up a chair and have a seat. By the way….I love milk cans. I use them everywhere. I can’t help myself. The bike actually works. It’s just parked there to look nice, but it can also be used as a fast “get away” vehicle. Now who would I be running from? Cows, humans, cats or dogs? 056.jpg      Do people still swing? The kids use this a lot. They like to lay on here to take a quick little siesta. It’s actually pretty comfortable. The nasty cats think so too. And of course the dogs think it’s their job to chew on the pillows. Seems like every year I have to buy new cushions. I need to buy several sets at the end of the season. Then I’ll be ready for the next year. 060.jpg      Yes, I know. This does not look cozy. Who wants to sit next to the noisy A/C units?! I have several reasons why I like this corner. First…..the view.061.jpg      This is what I see. It’s very calm and relaxing. I love shade gardening. Plus, it’s a great place to hide. I’m on the side of the house where no one can see me. Now why would I want to hide?! And from who? Cows, humans, cats or dogs? My park bench up there has seen it’s better days. Looks pretty decent from this angle, though. 062.jpg      This is on my front porch. Ring the “cow bells” and plop down and wait for someone to answer the door. We don’t do doorbells…..just cow bells. Let me show you my collection.028.jpg       Have your pick…..or ring them all. I might just answer the door and “fling” them all into the front yard. Remember, it’s been a hectic week?! Farm girls can tolerate a lot, but don’t push your luck.110.jpg      Last but not least…..up high. Marshall is at it again. He’s sent upstairs to push down feed…..and then we see him on top of the roof. The kid never ceases to amaze me. Have a seat and rest awhile. Who wants to push down feed anyway?! It’s hot, sweaty work. Well, I’ll stop for now, but if you need a break to calm your frazzled nerves………..I have the perfect spot for you. Pick one, any one. I might even throw a cold drink your way. If I’m not too frazzled myself…………….Carol