Ok, I’ll give you an update on my little “Memorial Garden” that I’ve been working on….in my spare time. What is spare time? My definition of spare time is…….not having anything to do with cattle, calves, cow poop, feeding, and field work. Spare time doesn’t come around often enough for me. So anyway, let me refresh your memory about my Memorial Garden. The first of the year our favorite cow fluttered on up to “cow heaven”. She was our family pet for years. Then and there, I decided “Shooter” needed a garden built in her honor. 036.jpg      Here’s what it’s looking like now. Please remember, I’m not finished. I just wanted you to know that “Shooter” is not forgotten and that I made a promise and I plan to keep it. The wagon was a gift from my parents. I am in love! So perfect for our farm. The black tubs are definitely not fancy, but they work for me. They’re the perfect size and we have stacks and stacks of them laying around. So, I decided to be frugal and put them to good use.071.jpg      I set these milk cans on the back to make it look like I’m hauling milk to town the old fashioned way. That’s how it used to be done. I don’t think I would’ve made a very good milkmaid back in that era. On the other hand…..life was definitely at a much slower pace. And the church pews…….I have 2 back there. I need some pillows to throw on them so that when I need to take a break from the “farm work” I have options. Maybe a little nap? The next time I can’t find Earl….this is where I’m looking. We could have church right here at home….maybe. Haha027.jpg     These were stored in the hay barn during the winter months and so they were filthy, stinkin’ dirty. Michael hauled them out with the loader tractor, and I had Candace wash them off for me. They were covered with dust, spiders, and cobwebs. Creepy, crawly things thrive in barns. These “dudes” are extremely heavy. Candace and I carried them to their destination…..Help! We both had a sore back the next day. It had to be done right now….it couldn’t wait. 074.jpg     I also planted this Oklahoma redbud for Shooter. It has purplish leaves and will bloom white buds in the spring. It’ll be lovely!079.jpg      This gives you an idea of what the area looks like. The bent up trampoline has to go. It totally messes up my look. The wind whipped it around one night and it landed in the “exit lane” where the cows walk out of the barn. Flimsy thing! I have 2 tanks filled with strawberries. We’ll see if they survive the winter. If not, I’ll have to move on to Plan B. I have no idea what Plan B is. This whole area is going to be covered with rock. The mower won’t fit in there, and I’m totally fed up with doing all that weed-eating. The gang thinks I’m crazy, but I tell them I have a beautiful picture in my head. Trust me! That goes over real well. Haha025.jpg      I made a little trip to town today. Everything is on clearance. Plus, a lot of these were just given to me. There are perks to being behind schedule. I have 2 more stock tanks in Shooters garden that have iris bulbs in them. They’re done blooming and now they look hideous. So, I’m digging them up and throwing them in another spot. Shooter deserves better. Most of these plants will be in her garden. So you see, I have my work cut out for me. I will keep you posted on my progress. I’m also open to suggestions. If you have some great brainstorms, then by all means…..pass them on……………………Carol 081.jpg       Here is the beautiful Shooter! We miss her!