I’m finally getting to the good stuff. Fresh vegetables from my garden. They taste so much better than the grocery store. They actually have flavor. Aaaahhh…..we’re eating good these days. Let me share with you what my favorite summertime meal looks like. 069.jpg     First of all…..here’s what my garden is looking like. It takes so long to finally get to this point. I sometimes ask myself…..”Why am I doing all this work?” “Is it really worth it?” I get impatient and want to see some results. Check out that corn. I’m real nervous about this crop. I have another big patch out by the hay barn. Right smack dab beside the fence. Will the cows find it before I can get to it? They can smell sweet corn a mile off, you know. It’s not quite ready yet, but we’ve had a few close calls. I’m sweating bullets. 002.jpg       I love squash and zucchini. I always do the chop, chop and try to create a delicious stir-fry. I’ll add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s a homemade concoction with whatever I’ve got growing in the garden.008.jpg      I told you……everything but the kitchen sink. Mmmmm…..I love it. Earl, Candace and I devour this. And then we have the young farm boys……they won’t go near it. Way too many colors. It’s green and yellow. Besides….it smells funny. Some day they’ll realize what they’ve been missing out on all these years. Right? Hope so.007      A big pot of “new potatoes”. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. That doesn’t phase us one bit. These babies are tender and delicious. Who doesn’t like new potatoes?! All they need is big, huge chunks of butter and some salt and pepper. That’s real butter, not the fake junk! That fake stuff should be outlawed. It’s so very wicked! That stuff will never be allowed in my house. That’s where I draw the line. Amen! Haha 005When you grow your own potatoes, you almost always find a potato that looks like a family member, or maybe a cartoon character. Anyone ever have that happen? I found one this year that looked like a “teddy bear”. I scrubbed him and threw him in the pot. Guess who the lucky person was to spear him and gobble him up? Yep….that’s right! “Boss Man” himself. Sure was a tasty potato. 060.jpg      A big, juicy hamburger always goes great with our summer meal. I would be lost without beef. No “hockey pucks” allowed. These dudes have to be shaped by hand…… they have so much more flavor. This was my hamburger. How in the world will I fit my mouth over this thing?! Oh yes….the buns have to have sesame seeds. I am a whack job. So many particulars. Is it wrong to have such picky food standards?013.jpg       Don’t forget about dessert. Chocolate zucchini cake. I love zucchini in cake and brownies. Makes everything nice and moist. So, I whipped this up and set it on the counter to cool. I had plans to put chocolate frosting on top, but they found it before I got that far. I came home from town and I saw that someone had nibbled on my zucchini cake. They thought it was delicious just the way it was, and so I sprinkled powdered sugar over the top and called it good. I never told them that I had a secret ingredient in my cake. If they find out……they probably won’t touch it again. So, some things are better left unsaid. Right? Another Amen! 012.jpg      Just look at the kid “horking” it down. That must be one awesome cake. Haha Oh the deception……it’s a naughty, naughty world we live in. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Some day I’ll tell them, but not for a long time yet…………………Carol