Well, the time has finally arrived. The braces are gone but not forgotten. It’s finally Michaels turn to flash a beautiful, perfect smile. We counted the months that he was in “chains” and it was 46 to be exact. That’s just 2 months shy of 4 years, so we’re just going to call it 4 years and be done with it. I think that’s fair considering all the pain and agony the farm dude has been through. Haha058.jpg    Here’s the team that made it all happen. I must tell you….they are the BEST! Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long. My, my, how time flies when you’re having fun…..or when you’re milking bossy bovines. So, we did some calculations. Candace had hers first. She was in “chains” for about 2 years, and just as hers were coming off….Michael got his started. No rest for the weary. That’s me in case you didn’t catch that.  So, I’ve been making monthly trips to the “big city” for approximately 6 years now. And it’s not over yet. The youngest farm boy is still in the beginning stages of his “shackles and chains”. 050.jpg     We knew this appointment was coming up…..and we’re right in the middle of another huge hay crop. Michael is the “right hand man” on all of our field work. There was no way I was going to prolong his agony by cancelling the appointment. The gang was going to have to work around this one. Here we are enjoying a little “milkshake” break in the hay field. Gotta take some last minute pictures of that silver smile. 043.jpg       I can’t see the brace smile here, but wanted to share this picture anyway. Have you ever met a farmer that doesn’t do the “lean on the truck” move?! Musket is waiting patiently for any “scraps” that get thrown his way. I especially like the dried cow poop on Michaels leg. That’s a true farm boy. 054.jpg     Ok, so now we’re back to business. This is right before we walk into the office. One last time. Smile that nice silver smile. I’m going to miss all my little “road trips” with both boys. It got pretty intense at times. Haha Before………060.jpg      And after……… Now isn’t that just the best smile ever?! So perfect. Well worth all the discomfort for all those years. They did an awesome job. We ate a quick lunch at Freddy’s before heading on back to our little “house on the prairie”, and back to the hot, itchy hayfield.066.jpg      Alrighty! Here you have the cold, hard facts. It’s all about the teeth. Candace is making sure we see her perfect fangs……Michael is still trying to figure out how to smile without “train tracks” on his teeth…..and then we have Marshall. The kid is just getting started. It’ll be awhile before he’s to the finish line. Go ahead and flash that silver smile. We love it. I’m finally beginning to understand where my money has been going. They drain me, and then I drain Earl’s wallet. You should hear the “war cry” coming from the office when he discovers his “cash stash” is gone. Haha It’s all worth it. I keep telling them that some day they’ll support Mama. Then I’ll be a full time “flower girl” and do nothing but garden all day……………Carol