I love fresh blueberries! I always look forward to blueberry season when we can go pick and make all kinds of delicious recipes. They’re much cheaper to buy frozen in the store, but I’ve got a thing for fresh ones. Especially when we have a beautiful blueberry farm just a few miles from our house. It’s so easy to zip on over and pick a few buckets of berries and then zip on home and stir together a batch of fresh blueberry pancakes. Or muffins. Or cobbler. Fruit pizza tastes pretty good too. It’s all good, when there’s fresh berries involved.085.jpg       I lassoed these two scalawags to help me with the picking. Marshall wasn’t too thrilled, but went along because he was hungry and wanted a snack. He ate the whole time we were there. I think he picked about 5 berries for the bucket. The rest went into his mouth. Candace and I were constantly yelling at him……Come on, man! Stop eating and start picking! 076.jpg       He wasn’t the only one that ate. Looks like Candace just popped some in her mouth and is doing the taste test. “Hmmm…..yea, I think they’ll pass. Let’s go ahead and get a few buckets.” 084.jpg      Of course, I can’t say a whole lot either. I always eat my fair share. I don’t mess around with a few here and there. I go for the whole handful, throw my head pack and stuff my mouth. Not very ladylike or mannerly, I know. Too many years of “fighting for survival” I suppose. 079.jpg      See, just look at those fat, plump berries. It was almost like picking grapes. I like the big ones. They’re easier to pick and they don’t have to be the sweetest. I’ll add enough sugar when I bake a fresh cobbler.024.jpg      Something like this. I made this cobbler one evening and we licked the platter clean. Almost! I forgot to take a picture of the whole beautiful pan because I was fighting to get my share before the “motley” crew devoured everything and I got nothing. Now you understand my eating habits?! Amen!093.jpg     I left a pan on the counter for the day. Every time we walked past it we reached and got a handful and popped them in our mouth. That’s good eating…..and good for you.087.jpg     So much for this year. I stock piled my freezer full of blueberries. Now it’s on to the next “fresh” fruit or vegetable. Isn’t summer time fun?! So much to eat and make with homegrown produce. I’m thinking maybe I need to make a “peach” cobbler too. I’ve kinda got peaches on the brain. Well….that’s my blueberry story and I’m stickin’ to it. Happy blueberry eating until next year………………………Carol