Beware! This story may be a bit lengthy. So, grab a cold drink, curl up on the couch and settle in for the long read. I’m going to tell you all about my sweet corn patch. All my hard work finally paid off. It’s called “reap what you sow”…..and did we ever! We had sweet corn running out of our ears, and then some. The best part was……the cows stood on the other side of the fence talking to me the whole time… cow language. They aren’t happy with me, but I could care less. It’s my turn to be the winner. They won last year. I have a love / hate relationship with the bossy bovines.226.jpg       This was the “sweet corn” gang. Minus all the little “ninjas” we had running around. On corn day, everyone has a job to do. No one is allowed to sit around idle. If you’re caught doing “nothing”, you will be punished . Let me just say……don’t mess with this bunch. We all have very sharp knives, and we know how to use them. 115.jpg       This is where it all began. My corn picking crew. We had rain the night before, so it was just a tad bit on the wet side. Our pants were soaked by the time we marched through the whole patch. Here’s my proof. Check out those muddy shoes on the right. Curt is the dude wiping the “sweat off of his brow”. Picking corn is hard work……….103.jpg       At first I thought I spotted a big ‘ole raccoon. I heard rustling and was about ready to fire my cannons into the patch. Then I took another look and discovered “humans” were stealing my corn. Explain yourself young man!129.jpg      Here’s the story…….his name is Curt. He planted a nice sweet corn patch for his “farm girls”. But there seemed to be a problem with the soil. It’s called “burning” it up. Which means…….too much rich cow poop that hasn’t composted long enough. So, he’s in the “dog house” right now. How can he redeem himself? That’s a tough question. My “boss man” did that to my garden before. It ain’t pretty, man! Oh well, I was more than happy to share my precious corn. I needed help. Plus, they have an awesome place to cut it up. In their old dairy barn. If I ever retire from milking cows….that’s my plan. Renovate the barn to a canning room.111.jpg     We had a nice big truck full of corn by the time we finished picking. 27 bushels to be exact. Holy Moly! Is it really necessary to have that much corn?! Yes, it is! Especially when you have “cows” salivating from across the fence.102.jpg     Told ya. They were slightly annoyed. They finally gave up and walked off. They know not to push their luck with me. I have connections with the “boss man” and he can make it a “do or die” situation. Haha 139.jpg      We finally conquered the picking part of it. Now, lets move on to bigger and better things. Bigger maybe, but better? This takes some time. You might as well pull up a bucket and stay for awhile.123.jpg      Dani is a young Mother that has conquered the “multi-tasking” to perfection. I told ya no one sits idle. We’re a lot alike when it comes to work ethic. It must be that “dairy girl” in our blood. She grew up milking cows, and so she knows how to make the dust fly. 128.jpg       Farmer Fred here did not grow up milking cows, but I’ll hand it to him. He’s got the part down pat. Bib overalls, mustache, and never afraid of hard work. That’s a real “art” these days. Go get ’em, man!131.jpg      Is it time for a break? By all means, yes! The little fellow on the right is Blane. His Daddy drives a Hiland milk truck. He stopped in and served us chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and Red Diamond tea. Oh yea, and some baked goods. Looks like it’s pretty tasty. Picnic time.178.jpg     Ok, we finally got the husk off, now it’s go time. Clean the silk off of the corn. This used to be a dreaded job, but has become a piece of cake. All because of technology. Technology can be a double-edged sword at times, but today it was a blessing.152.jpg     We rented this machine from our neighbors. How awesome is this?! You push the ear of corn into this side and “abbra ca dabbra” it comes out the other end all nice and shiny and clean. A life saver for sure!174.jpg       We had a ton of corn to clean, so everyone pitched in. Even little Lizzie. The cleaning machine is hooked up to a water hose and so it’s a wet mess. She was totally drenched. What a blast! She thought this was so much fun. Oh, to be a kid again.207.jpg       The next step after cleaning……..running it through the “cooker”, or as Blane called it….baking it. Bring it to a boil, and then plunge it into cold water to cool. Curt “baked” all the corn from start to finish. That’s a head start on the “redemption” plan. I’d say he’s about half way there.199.jpg      After the cooling comes the cutting off the cob part. Yep, we even had Earl do his share. A man of many talents…….his first time cutting corn. He didn’t even cut himself. We gave him a very stern warning though. Haha Looks like Candace has cut a little too much corn. That crazy look is happening. 203.jpg     Of course Dani and I prided ourselves in being the best cutters. We are professionals you know. We’ve got a few years under our belt. Man, did our hands get tired, though. We cut for 4 hours straight. Talk about cramping fingers. Our poor little paws…….they stayed in a claw position for hours. We kept reminding ourselves that we will enjoy this corn during the cold winter months. It is worth it. Right? 208.jpg      Wait a minute….is this allowed?! A Mountain Dew?! Now that should shoot a lightening bolt through his blood. Full speed ahead, man! No excuse for slowing down now. 236.jpgAhhhh…..just look at all that beautiful corn. Once you eat “homegrown” corn…’ll never go back to store bought. This is the best! 237.jpg     Dani’s Mom…..Teresa, had to work, but showed up ASAP. Of course, we put her right to work. No rest for the weary I say. Here we are putting it up in bags. Getting ready to throw it into the freezer. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Dani is not sitting idle….she’s feeding baby Gentry. 234.jpg     We split it right down the middle. We each got about 60 quart bags of delicious corn. Now that’s a hard days work. Whew! Glad it only comes around once a year. 221     What is this?! A corn eating contest? We have two half naked boys……what is going on?! The littlest tyke is trying to figure out if he’s doing it right. Haha Yep, I think he’s got the hang of it. Good times!147.jpg     Ok, Ok…..hang on to your horses. I’m almost finished with this. Now do you believe me when I say it was a long day? Lets clean this mess up and go home. I’m about tuckered out. The cows will love the corn husks. That’s all they’re allowed to enjoy. Just the husks.149.jpg     The little man wanted to help too. Heave! Ho! It’s almost more than he can handle. I think I can….I think I can…….I think I can…….    Wow! What a day! We have a big celebration planned to reward ourselves. It’s called a “low country shrimp boil”. It’s coming ASAP. I’ll make sure I share that when it happens. That’s our all time favorite meal. Now we have something to look forward to. I’m feeling kinda “corny” these days…………….Carol