The “corn crew” finally celebrated all of our hard work with a fantastic Shrimp Boil. This meal was only for those that helped with the huge amount of sweet corn that was picked, cooked, and thrown into the freezer for delicious eating. Maybe we’re selfish……but why should we share such a delicious meal with those that didn’t participate? Would they appreciate such a fantastic meal? These are tough questions we asked ourselves. And then our common sense kicked in and the answer was…..No Way!! We earned this and we’re going to keep it all to ourselves. 031.jpg     What a beautiful sight to behold! We were all so hungry and that made it all the more scrumptious. The corn was straight out of the garden…….still a few ears in the corn field. The potatoes were also fresh from the garden….as were the onions. The shrimp and the sausage were from the grocery store. We haven’t figured out yet how to grow those items. Haha 006.jpg       Here we are….”stirring the pot”, you might say. We had two cookers going. We, the corn crew, have very hearty appetites. Especially when it comes to something special like this. It isn’t every day that we get a shrimp boil. We try to fix it for special occasions so that it’s well……special. Now if anyone misbehaves…….Teresa will give you a good whack over the head with that massive spoon she’s got there. I’m thinkin’ I need one of those. 021.jpg     Ahhhh…..beautiful! Just look at all that lovely shrimp. We used 8 pounds total. There were 10 “persons”. The little kiddos aren’t adult enough yet to have acquired a shrimp taste. Thank goodness, more for the older generation. 010.jpg     It can get kind of messy, so we ate outside. Just line your table with newspaper and dump everything in the center of the table. It’s basically a “eat with your fingers” kind of meal. That’s the best way. Right? 014.jpg     Waiting patiently for supper to be served. Lizzie’s brain is going a mile a minute…….Why is it taking so long? We want to play yet before bedtime. Oh yea, it’s those dairy farmers. They had to get their chores done first. I’m used to eating a lot earlier. This later stuff doesn’t “cut it” with me.      029.jpg     Here we have “chef Nick” dumping the grub on the table……and just look at the little bowls of melted butter. Everything gets dipped into butter. Real butter! So delicious! Does it get any better than that?032.jpg      This was my first plate. Notice I said “first” plate. I reloaded and reloaded. Finally you push the plate to the side and just eat off the pile. As long as there’s butter, you can keep on eating for a very long time. Our lips were on fire! Dani put in a little extra spice to give it a little “kick”. When we ate the corn…..that’s when it hit us. We all need a little spice in our life. Right? Can you handle the “heat”? 034.jpg     Dig in, man! Looks like we have plenty for everyone. Teresa was about to die with the spicy corn. She doesn’t take to “heat” very well. Haha We all look pretty serious here. It’s called…feeding your face! 036.jpg       Michael is thinking……I am so stuffed! Is there anything for dessert? Candace is thinking……I just totally “gutted” myself….but it was well worth it. Just look at the pile of shrimp shells on that plate. Whoa baby!041.jpg      Man, that was good! Now to sit back and digest and “shoot the bull”. I don’t believe a word you’re saying, Curt. 040.jpg     Now for the clean-up. By the look I’m getting from Teresa…..she’s about to throw something at me. Probably some “corn cobs”. Don’t panic, I’m just making memories. And Nick….we were never allowed to “tip” our chairs. Just for that, you have to help with the dishes. Up and at ’em! 047.jpg     After a fantastic meal like we just had……a person needs something to “cool” things down. Peach sherbet sure hit the spot. Very refreshing indeed! We also had rich, chocolate cake, but I was too “bloated” to think of taking a picture of that. You’ll just have to take my word for it. 055.jpg     The little kiddos thought they were really flying high staying up so late. The picture seems a little “grainy”, but it’s dark, and we’re all fat and sassy by now. Does it matter?059.jpg     Baby Gentry was asleep, but some very naughty boys started playing “Hide and Seek” upstairs and woke her up. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Now we have to start all over again with the bedtime.  Groan! So, the boys all took a turn holding her. What a “corny” lookin’ crew!053.jpg     Talk about corny! Yep, that’s us….and we’re proud of it. We have lots of corn in the freezer, our bellies full of our favorite food, and ready to “rock n roll”. Oh wait….we have cows to milk in the morning. Well, so much for that. I guess that means the “party’s over” then. So long, it’s been real…..for us anyway. Maybe next time you can help too. That is, if you do your fair share. We drive a hard bargain. Until next time……………..Carol