It’s high time for another update from the dairy. We have been in the hayfield…..again. Seems like that’s all we’ve done all summer long. I’m getting pretty fed up with it. I’ve got other things to do too. Yes, the boys are running the tractors most of the time, but my job is of equal importance. Feed and water the farm dudes. Run to and fro from the fields. Put out all the fires that seem to pop up everywhere. Let’s not forget about dealing with the heat. Intense heat creates a lot of attitude. Not just in the humans, but also in the bovines. 097.jpg             Today I’m going to share with you what a “night shift” is like. In the summer time, we usually stay outside until dark. We don’t want to waste any of that precious daylight. For some reason we think we have to keep working until dark…..and then some. So, last night we pulled an “all-nighter”. Not exactly my cup of tea. We had a ton of hay bales to move in from the field, and more baling to go. Well, Boss Man decided we needed to keep hauling and try to get it all moved in, or we’ll never get caught up. So, with caffeine running through my veins, I headed out the door. 123      Michael was operating the loader tractor….filling the hay wagons like a pro. Earl and I were the haulers. Bringing the hay in from the fields and dumping them off by the barn. Marshall went with me on one trip and then headed for the house. Can’t blame him. I would have done the same thing. This picture is my load. This truck has a decent set of “pipes” and so I decided I needed to put them to good use. By George……if I have to haul hay all night, I’m going to make sure I let everyone know about it. I tried my best to make as much noise as I could. Hauling up and down the road like a “Mad Woman”, or should I say “Mad Milkmaid”?! And no, I do not have an attitude!063.jpg      Marshall did his share during the day. Here he is acting like a weirdo. Heat and hay drive a person insane. The night shift started out pretty good. Imagine driving into a huge field of baled hay…..totally dark. The heavens are just loaded with stars…..and you ask yourself why you don’t look “up” more often. The sweet smell of hay……mmmmmm. Beats smelling that rich cow poop all the time. You have to be there to experience it. It was a peaceful feeling for awhile. Then reality kicks in. It’s way past your bedtime…’re so sleepy…..and the stupid hay never ends! Are we ever going to get done with this? I want to go home NOW! I still do not have a bad attitude! 129.jpg      I would go roaring into the driveway, dump my load of hay and race back out again. Creating a major dust storm. On the one trip, this stupid cat was sitting right smack dab in the middle of the driveway. It was playing “chicken” with me. That was not a good idea. The milkmaid was very tired and  cranky. I decided that I am not swerving or slowing down…..pedal to the metal. I can’t remember if I stepped on the gas…..maybe. I looked for a dead cat on my next trip, but there was none to be found. Haha Our cats live forever! No bad attitude going on here.131.jpg       So, as we were hauling all this hay home, I felt it necessary to keep Earl awake. I would go “roaring” past him on the road….stick my head out the window, and let out a “War Hoop” holler to keep him alert. I told you the intense heat will drive a person insane. I would also throw cold drinks and icecream bars at the dudes to help pass the time. It worked for awhile, until it came to be about 2:00 or so. That’s when I started feeling weak. I had stuck some “lavender” flowers in my hair during evening chores, and so I would reach up and squeeze the flowers and take a long, deep sniff. And again. And again. And again. Lord have mercy!! Will this ever end?! I hate hay!! Still no bad attitude!132.jpg     The drop off site was starting to get “tight”. Remember that we were doing this in the dark. I did not want to unload and then get myself into a corner where I couldn’t back out of. Boss Man was in a “brooding” mood, and I didn’t want to aggravate anymore than necessary. So, I did a lot of guess work on where and how to unload all the hay. I never got myself stuck in a corner……but it did get pretty close. 122.jpg      This is all I could think about…….sleep. I kept “Pandora” busy the whole night. I tried “blessed quietness” for a while, but I just got too sleepy. So I went back to loud music. At one point we had to stop and fill my truck up with gas, and Earl wanted to know what the heck I was listening to. Haha It was loud and obnoxious I know, but it kept me awake and that’s what I needed to make it to the finish line. For cryin’ out loud….I want to go to bed! 099.jpg     We didn’t actually see the sun rise, but almost. Our last load was brought home at 3:30. The insanity of it all! We should’ve stayed up and gone straight to morning milking, but there was no way. We were mad, exhausted, and hot. And did I mention grouchy? I may have had just a wee little attitude going on by then. Maybe. 113.jpg     Through all this mayhem Candace is once again traveling. This time to Alaska. Life is so totally unfair. She’s traveling with some of her Nepali teammates. A once in a lifetime trip or I would have said No way! I would never stay at home and work and pay some ones Alaskan trip unless it was for one of my children. I’m still trying to keep my attitude in check. What attitude? The one that rears it’s ugly head when we haul hay all night. Or milk cows in 100 plus heat. Or when there’s no time to care for my flowers. Or when the laundry doesn’t get done and there isn’t any clean underwear. What day is it anyway…………………..Carol