So, today I’m going to give you the cold, hard facts about the “horse and wagon” thing we’ve got going on around here. Marshall has been begging for a horse/pony and cart for a long time. Where he got that crazy idea is beyond me. He is infatuated with “the good ole’ days”…..maybe it came from some old tradition he read about. Well, his dream finally became a reality. Cole Yoder ( cousin ) had a pony that needed some love and attention, and so he thought of Marshall. We are only “horse-sitting” for the time being, but that suits Marshall just fine. He’s the happiest “kid on the block!”061.jpg       Take a look at my two hard working farm boys. Yep…they are on their way to church. Now stop laughing long enough for me to explain. When the pony first arrived last week……that was one of the first things Marshall mentioned. Hey Mom…..I’m going to drive my pony to church! Of course I responded with….have you lost your mind?! What in the world for?! Marshall insisted….and then Michael jumped on the wagon yet too. So, I gave up and decided…Whatever! Go for it!065.jpg            Under one condition… have to wear your Amish hats. They squirmed a little, but cooperated long enough for the “photo shoot”. Haha Yes, Michael is eating a “Klondike” bar. That would be his breakfast. Sunday mornings are always “get your own”. I guess he decided to check the freezer. Just look at Marshall……he is on “cloud nine!” 069.jpg        Oh yes! I just stood there in the driveway laughing to myself when I saw them rolling along at “break neck” speed. I’m still laughing! The bucket on the back of the wagon was full of water. They didn’t want the horse to get thirsty while waiting for the church service to end. Then we have the dogs…….they think this is great fun…..running along side a wagon and pony. I had to jump in the truck and race down the road to pick the dogs up and bring them home. I’m afraid they would not have been welcome at church. 070.jpg      Everything went fine during church. They had it tied up behind the building. Michael had other plans for lunch and so Marshall was driving home by himself. We pulled up beside him and I asked if he wanted me to come along. Of course, he said yes. So, I hopped on. 071.jpg      Here we go……trotting down the road. This is where the “video” came from if you happened to see it on Facebook or Instagram. The pony seemed to be pretty anxious to get home. Wonder why?! I’m sure the neighbors thought that the “Troyers” have truly lost their minds. What can I say?! I should have taken my sunglasses off, but I’m weird about that. Gotta have some shade for my eyes!082.jpg      We finally made it home “safe and sound”. Marshall does a fine job taking care of the pony. He puts the harness away and then brushes it and washes it off. As soon as he puts it back in its pen……it’ll go and roll around in the dirt. Kind of defeats the purpose of washing. I’m really stupid about horses. I’ve been around “bovines” now for 24 years and forgot almost everything I ever knew about horses. Which wasn’t a whole lot anyway. 046.jpg     He is one happy kid. He keeps telling me……My dream finally came true…..and, I just love that pony so much! Yep….the pony doesn’t lack any attention. Marshall thought that life was pretty much perfect right now. If that’s the case……I need to buy about 500 ponies for myself. Haha Who’s in charge of mowing the weeds around this “joint”, anyway?! 002.jpg      Let me just get one thing clear…….we are NOT joining the Amish. Contrary to what it might look like. Oh my, my, my! Michael is going to “kill” if he ever sees this. Haha This was taken when they were with my parents in Ohio. They went to Amish Country, and of course my kids have to pull stunts like this. Michael refused to smile because he says that Amish don’t smile in pictures. Haha He does look like he belongs, though. Amish with an attitude! That’s what he is. Marshall did actually want to buy a pair of pants, but they cost outrageous. I was kind of relieved. What would I do with my farm kid walking around in Amish work pants?! “Barn door” pants is what we used to call them. I guess it would make me laugh every day…….that would be good for me. Laughter is the best medicine…so they say. Alright, there you have it…..straight from the horse’s mouth……………………Carol