We are in the hottest months of summertime here in Oklahoma. July and August can be brutal. Not only for dairy cows, but also for the humans. When the temperatures reach 100 plus degrees, things can be a bit stressful on the farm. It takes a lot of ice water, Gatorade, and fans running on super sonic to keep everything cooled down. Let me explain to you how we try to survive the hottest months of the season………003.jpg     Unless of course, you’re Candace, and you run off to Alaska to cool off a bit. The temperatures were perfect, everything was lush and green, and she didn’t get eaten by a bear. She’s back……again……hopefully for awhile. I’m going to “dog leash” her to the milk barn so she can’t go anywhere. Haha 011.jpg      Milking in a “hot” barn isn’t easy, man! I’ve got all the fans on high, but with 20 cows in there and 2-3 hot humans, things can get a little “dicey”. I figured out where I can hang 2 more heavy duty fans…….then I’ll have 6 running on full blast. I am a “fan lover”. I try to keep the fridge stocked with Gatorade and water. It’s not an easy task. The freezer has ice cream bars for emergencies…….but everyday is an emergency around here.005.jpg      Our cows go out to pasture during the day, and so on hot days they always head for the deepest mud hole they can find. This is what happens when they come in to be milked……..wash, wash, wash. It’s maddening! By the time I get out of the barn…….I’m almost as dirty as the cows were when they first came in. 040.jpg        I guess it was time for a Gatorade break?! I buy the blue and orange for the “dudes”, and the pink for myself. Pink as in Lemonade/strawberry/watermelon…..my favorite flavors. I tried to tell the “boys” to stay away from my Gatorade, and drink only their color…….didn’t work. They grab the first thing available. I give up.100.jpg      I buy the miniature icecream sandwiches……perfect for a quick “heat relief” while milking. We can have that devoured in a few bites…..then grab a milker and get back to work. No time to “dawdle”. The faster we work…the sooner I can get out of here. 044.jpg      On the really hot days, the dogs come in and lay on the cool floor. They’ll take a snooze while we milk and then once we’re done, they’re refreshed and ready to go feed calves….or chase the cats. 015.jpg     Feeding calves can take up quite a bit of time. They all need fresh water and feed. Every morning. It gets quite tiring. So, we do what comes natural….cool off. Aaahhhhhh…..refreshing. It’s perfectly normal to change clothes several times a day, and take several showers. No wonder I have such a hard time keeping up with the laundry. 095.jpg      The cows like to come up and stand in the lots under all the misters. These are run off of well water, and that water is so nice and cold. When the cows first come up, they’re all panting and hot and bothered. Give them about 10 minutes underneath the cool misters and they’re chewing their cud. When they start doing that……you know they’re feeling relaxed and comfortable. 138.jpg     What is this?! Twins? This could get interesting. Farmers…..a whole different breed of folks. Haha It’s all good, though. Well, there you have it. The hot, dog days of summer. Before you know it, we’ll be into fall….my favorite time of the year. Until then….we’re surviving the heat……………………Carol