This was the week for our annual burn. We need some place to put all of that net wrap and silage wrap from the hay bales. All the tree branches that clutter up the yard from the wild Oklahoma storms. All of my garden trash and other things that you probably don’t want to know about. Farmers can collect a lot of junk. Where to go with it? What to do with it? So, we start a “junk” pile and usually don’t get around to burning but maybe once a year. We had a calm evening, and Boss Man said “let’s burn” and burn we did!127      Here we have the raging inferno and our fire fighter…..Candace. She was spraying the bin to try and keep things cooled down a bit. A big burn like this gets very hot. We even saw different colors in the fire. Is that a bad sign?104.jpg     Michael was the “light ‘er up” man. And Candace was also the “media girl”. For some reason……..this looks totally unsafe. Gas?! Do not try this at home. I have a few videos I’ll post so that you can get a close up of all the action. It was a dark and scary night. 114       The nosy bovines came up to investigate. This was exciting to them. Fire, smoke, little sparkly ashes floating through the sky. They stood there and watched and then all of a sudden they took off running. That’s how cows are. They make a game out of everything. Silly creatures. They are naughty…….don’t kid yourself. The young ones got out this morning……what a nightmare.101.jpg      This is the big, ugly pile ready for the burn. Now you understand why I said it’s an eyesore? Michael wants to make sure you take it all in. Up and down and all around. Just look at all that net wrap and silage wrap! Nasty!128.jpg     Watch out, you’re gonna get wet. Our fire fighter turned on us. Never trust anyone these days. It’s not safe. 117.jpg     Yes, the pony got in on the action too. Looks to me like he might be a bit unsure of his surroundings? Just a wild guess. He stayed calm and carried on, though. 132.jpg     And then we have Earl assessing the situation. Watching and waiting from afar…..making sure nothing goes awry. The fire department was notified, but the “burn” wasn’t that wild and crazy. Everything was under control. Whatever that might mean to you. “Control” for us might be totally unsafe for others. Just saying….143.jpg     Clyde was not impressed with any of it. This was his way of getting attention. Acting pathetic……so they’ll scratch my ears. He is not spoiled. 144.jpg     Everyone was watching the burn. Too bad the pile had so many “unknowns” on it, or we could have made some delicious smores. I call them “schmoes”, because I’m weird. 150.jpg     The next morning……still smoldering. It’s been smoking now for about 3 days. We’re due for some heavy rains, so I don’t think it’ll burn much longer. Now, if this pile was pure ashes I would definitely dump them on my garden. But alas…’s loaded with nails, bits of metal, scrap iron pieces, and all that good stuff. We’ll have to haul it off and clean up all the cremated remains. Our work isn’t finished yet. 122      That’s all I have for this time. I think I’ll go stir the smoldering remains and see if I can start a little fire………………..Carol