Ok…..I’m back. Now let me see……where were we? Oh yeah…..Waco, Texas. My weekend away already seems like such a long time ago. So, let me stop and refresh my memory a bit. Hang on to your horses….we’re heading on over to the Dr. Pepper museum. My “dudes” don’t know what the big attraction is for Waco, but they do know what a cold Dr. Pepper is. So, let’s go check it out.063.jpg      Does it get any better than this? How about a “cold one”? It seemed appropriate that Candace and I strike a pose by the antique truck. Especially since we go through our fair share of the stuff. Are there other “lovers” out there, or are we the only ones? Maybe it’s a “farmer” thing? I am a believer! 060.jpg      We stepped inside, but didn’t go on the actual tour. We were pressed for time. So, instead we went to the gift shop and I was a “sucker” and bought souvenirs for the “boys” at home. I’m standing there like a flamingo. Why oh why do I do that? 067.jpg      Drinking again? Hey, save some for me. Don’t hog it all for yourself. Nothing tastes better than a “cold one” on a hot summer day. Shopping and doing the “tourist” thing is hard work. 058.jpg     This was just down the road from Magnolia. An old building with more cool shopping. If we ever go back…..we’re going to take the “van tour” of Waco. They take you around the city and show you all the hot spots, past “fixer upper” houses, the farm, plus serve cold drinks and snacks while driving. Can’t beat that! What were we thinking? We weren’t. Better luck next time.087.jpg       After a day of shopping, we headed back to the ranch. My Uncle Perry. Is this what happens when you become semi-retired? An “old geezer” holding down the lay-z-boy chair? Haha Just for the record…he has earned his retirement and then some. Stay cool! Thanks for allowing me to invade your space.089.jpg     My Aunt Emily was a true hostess and cooked us a delicious breakfast the next morning…..in her beautiful kitchen. It always tastes better when someone else does the cooking. If they’re a good cook, that is. Haha We never did get to the board game….all that shopping tired us out. We are pathetic. 093.jpg     Let me introduce you to my cousin, Adam. We took a quick tour of his place too. He is also a dairy farmer. Why do I look so tired and old? Oh, to be young again. We do have a lot in common though. It’s called years of dairy. Our families can sit and talk for hours. It gets quite hilarious at times. Precious memories! Yes, I bought myself a T-shirt.095.jpg     His wife and cute little boy weren’t home at the time, but we did meet his ginormous cat. That’s all I need…….a house cat. That might just take me over the edge. I’ll put that off for a few more years. Just to be on the safe side. 108.jpg    Remember Elsie the cow? Well, she’s down in Texas roaming wild and free. Just look how happy she is…and she doesn’t even live in California with all the other “happy cows”. Texas and Oklahoma have “happy cows” too. Just wanted you to know that. Haha011.jpg      Alrighty….that’s it for me. So long, partner! Been nice meeting you. You know what they say…..Everything is bigger in Texas. I think it’s true……………………Carol