Vacation is over! It’s time to get back to work. Grab your boots….we’re going to get down and dirty today. It’s time to preg-check the whole herd, and we need all the help we can get. Make sure you wear old clothes, because you will get splattered with cow poop. It isn’t a pleasant job, but it needs to be done. Do not wimp out on me……be brave. Are you ready? Follow me…….202.jpg      Ok, this is who we are working with today. First off….our veterinarian is on the right. He’s been with us for years and years. He knows things about us that some of our family members don’t know. Scary! Don’t ask him any questions, because he’s sworn to secrecy. The one in the middle is almost an official veterinarian. She’s got one year to go and she finally graduates. Yippee! All that hard work will finally pay off. Last but not least….the lady in red. She may not be a veterinarian, but her work is still just as important. She is the assistant to our vet. She goes everywhere he goes. Learning everything with hands on experience. Where is my assistant? 188.jpg     This is our secretary. Candace wrote down all the information that the vet gave her. Each cow has a story. Good, bad, or ugly. A preg-check is checking to see who’s pregnant and who’s open. How far along they are, or any other reproductive problems. She enjoys her job.200.jpg        Yes, that’s right. I warned you that this was a very dirty job. When the vet arrived, I looked at his nice, clean shirt……hmmm…..this will be interesting. He was prepared…..notice his nice sleeve?! It’s called a protection plan. Haha And of course he has a plastic sleeve on his arm too. He can give us a lot of information by having his arm “up the rear-end” of a cow. Pregnant? Open? Uterus infection? Cysts on the ovaries? Cancer/tumors? Can they reproduce again? All things that we need to know. Candace is recording all of this.196.jpg     Our future vet in action. She’s holding a hot shot. We didn’t really have to use it, but the cows do behave a lot better when they see ” the wooden paddle”. Her job was to open and close the gates as soon as they stepped into the “office”. The Doc is in.194.jpg     Then we have the valuable assistant. She helped me in the back. We kept a group of cows ready and waiting. Trying our best to hold them in place and not get splattered with cow poop. It’s not an easy task. Cows like to “see” the Doctor about like your kids like to get their shots. Kicking and screaming the whole time.191.jpg     Ready or not?! The younger cows are talking amongst themselves……….Mom! Help! He’s going to do what?! No way! I’m going to kick him! And then the old cows answer back………Shut-up, Sally! You ARE going to cooperate! It’s a piece of cake. Once you’ve had as many babies as I have….you won’t think anything of it. Now march your butt up there and get it over with! 193.jpg     Bringing up the back end. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Praise the Lord! Oh Mama! The “lots” look horrible! Everything needs to be scraped before the evening milking. It’s a full day of hard work. I’m always so glad when it’s finally over. 206.jpg     Ahhh….yes! We’re finally sitting down and eating. The best part of the day. We always eat after vet work. And we always have the same menu. When you work cattle your whole life, you start acting like them…….creatures of habit! We always have Hamburgers, soup, hot dip and crackers, brownies and milkshakes. Amen! Then it’s a mad dash for the couch. Just kidding. It’s back to work for everyone. There’s still a few hours left in the day. Lunch is always prepared the day before. Then all I need to do is throw the burgers on the grill and warm up the soup. There is always a lot of “prep” work that needs to be done before a day like today.209.jpg     Back in the saddle! The evening milking comes around so fast. Thank God the boys are home from school……because I’m tired. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I should do something “domestic” like baking bread?! Sounds like a plan…………………….Carol