Not every day is “dirty dairy” day at our farm. Once in awhile we do “cleaner” work. So, after being around the bovines all day for their “Doc” day……it was time to do something a little less stressful. How about some fresh bread? I haven’t baked bread in such a long time. Will I remember how? Will it “flop” and I’ll have to dispose of the evidence before anyone sees it? Now who would do such a thing?!002.jpg     I pretended to be “The Little Red Hen” and I took my wheat to the mill to be ground into flour. I then took the flour and mixed together a batch of bread dough and out of the oven popped this loaf of bread. It smelled heavenly!  The “Little Red Hen” didn’t share, and so I didn’t either. I ate it all by myself! Just kidding……. 001.jpg      One batch makes 6 loaves. Plenty for everyone. I must confess though……in my state of rebellion I ate 3 pieces back to back. I even put a nice amount of peanut butter on one slice. Plus plenty of strawberry jam. Delicious! I felt pretty fat and sassy by the time I got to the last piece. A little reward to myself for all that “dirty work” the day before…………………..Carol