Last week was “fair week”. I didn’t do a lot of preparation for the fair….I just showed up to give my boys moral support and to take pictures. That counts for something…right? I met plenty of hard-working farm kids who were “stars”.  Some won ribbons and others didn’t. They were all there to have a good time and they all showed good sportsmanship. Whew! That’s a big word. Come along…let’s go to the county fair and eat some corndogs and watch the show.117.jpg      Here’s Michael waiting to show his dairy heifer. I forgot all about the “white pants” thing until the night before. I panicked and called our “professional” show friends to ask for some help. Thank goodness……we found some that worked. Michael had to wear a belt to keep them from falling off, but we survived. He’s still trying to decide if he likes to “show” or would he rather “throw in the towel”. 121.jpg     Marshall loves the fair. We rarely ever win anything, but he’s always ready to go back. His heifer was a little stubborn when it came to leading, but he did a fantastic job. 164.jpg              Michael got 3rd in his class, but not good enough to get into the premium sale. Oh well….better luck next year. Unless he decides to “throw in the towel”. Haha 167.jpg       Marshall got 1st in his class, but here again….not good enough to get into the premium sale. That sale order makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m pretty sure the whole thing is “rigged”. Haha Well, he still had a good time, and I’m sure he’ll be ready again next year.136.jpg     This is the  “announcer star” of the fair. She’s been doing this job for as long as I can remember. Wonder if she knows that she’s never allowed to “throw in the towel”? This is her job for life….no retirement plan for her. Ever! Keep up the good work….and next time let my boys win. 151.jpg       This cute little star was showing her sheep. I know absolutely nothing about sheep, but I’m pretty sure she did a fabulous job. She had a big smile and hug for everyone she saw. I think she deserves the “champion” ribbon just for being the best little “farm girl” I know. I know a lot of hard work went into her sheep. Love you, sweet girl! 174.jpg     Here’s another “young star” I met. The young ones are the cutest and the friendliest of the whole bunch. The big, beautiful cow is loving all the attention. What a great pair! Hope they won something. They deserve a ribbon.175.jpg        This looks like double trouble to me! An ornery little boy and a huge Guernsey cow. If she would have decided to take off running……what a show! I’m pretty sure the little “man” would have hung on for dear life and not let go. He’s a brave little fellow. Job well done….young man! You deserve a ribbon too.176.jpg      This young man is always at the fair…..right along with my boys. I love his little heifer. She’s so cute. I don’t know what his “winnings” were, but I’m sure he did great regardless. Come back next year so my boys have some company. 173.jpg     Well, this is an awesome picture. I love all “farm girls” with cows. What a beautiful pair….and they won big. Congratulations! You did a great job.181.jpg     I told ya she won “big”. The coveted showmanship buckle. Wow! What a flashy prize! She couldn’t stop smiling or looking at it. She needs to wear that everyday and show it off.182.jpg     What a great picture. They all got a bucket of goodies for participating. The cows can’t figure out what the fuss is all about. They just want to go home where they’re allowed to fart and belch again. The humans want to go celebrate and eat a corndog. Maybe? 171.jpg    I paid big bucks to take this picture. I begged and pleaded for the “stars” to take time out from their busy schedule to sit and take a picture with me. They obliged and decided to be nice……I am your Mother remember?! 187.jpg     Well, this show is finally over. There were plenty more “stars” there, but I didn’t have my act together to take everyone’s picture. Boss Man is ready to head on out, so I’m going to catch a ride and head on outta here. It was a pretty good day…………………………Carol