Alrighty….hang on to your horses! I’ve got one more “fair story” to tell you about, and then we’ll move on to something bigger and better. I’ve got breaking news to tell you, but first things first…….sit down! I want you to be comfortable when I tell you my shocking news. They say that laughter is the best medicine… go ahead and laugh a little. I sure did! Are you ready?244.jpg        Would you look at this! I won the “Champion” ribbon for photography. On top of all that…it was a photo of the naughty teenage heifer calves. Wow! This has never happened to me before. I was so surprised that when Candace called to tell me……I busted out laughing. I laughed and laughed. What a shocker! Maybe they made a mistake? Or maybe they’ll disqualify me for some weird reason? Are you certain I’m the winner? All thoughts that went zooming around my head.028.jpg      Well, they never rescinded their decision and so I brought the “spoils” home. Just look at that beautiful “purple” ribbon! Haha I was still chuckling to myself in the barn that evening…….Champion?! Unbelievable! I informed “Boss Man” that he may now bow down and kiss my feet. You should have seen the look on his face. That is not going to happen. Haha I was pushing my luck on that one. My butterfly picture also placed…..2nd. Let me just say one thing…..I’m a “greenhorn” at photography. I don’t know what I’m doing.032.jpg      Candace won a few ribbons too. She got more than I did… fair. On the morning when we decided to do this…..we were both in the barn milking. We started scrolling through our phones trying to decide which photos to enter. It was all last minute and very random. I had totally forgotten about the whole ordeal until she called and told me the news. I couldn’t stop laughing. I never win at things like this. I fight tooth and nail for everything. Seems like anyway.035.jpg              Yep, we sure had a lot of fun with this. Now here’s the best part. We both won a little bit of prize money. I didn’t know what they gave out, so when I picked it up today……I started laughing again. I looked at my check……a whoppin’ $9.00. Candace got $6.00. I decided I’ll just give her my share so it’ll seem a little more worthwhile. Haha Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I’m still chuckling to myself……………………Carol