Whew! I think hay season is finally coming to an end. We were so ready to put all the hay equipment away and “slam the door”. That’s a figure of speech because our hay barns do not have doors. This summer has been an extremely busy year for hay. 2500 bales and then some. We’re talking huge, heavy monsters. Boss Man doesn’t like to mess around with little, dinky biscuits. When it comes to hay….bigger is better. 145.jpg        I made the kids climb to the top of the pile and strike a pose for me. They don’t look very excited, except for Marshall. It’s no easy task climbing on top of round bales…..or maybe I’m just aging a bit. I can still do it though, because I practiced when I was out in the hay field. Hopefully no one was watching. Haha 015.jpg      Here we have Boss Man tucking the bales in nice and tight. The raccoon and possum will make their bed up on the top this winter…..leaving behind little tell-tale signs. Earl is the “master” at stacking hay into a barn. Michael is getting there, but still needs a little practice. I’m lagging way behind. I just can’t get the hang of it…..do I really want to?! 018       Candace and I were the designated haulers “bringing in the sheaves”. So, when the barns got full….we moved to the overflow area. We just stack them in rows along the fence line. It was girls against guys for the day. They were mad at us and we were mad at them. We were seeing hand signals that we’ve never seen before…..and I thought I knew all of them. Sign language is a huge part of dairy farming. You use it when working cattle, driving tractor, etc…. Some is good and some not so good. In the end, you smooth everything over with a chocolate milkshake. Haha021.jpg            It didn’t take very long to wrap everything up and go home. Both tractors were stacking and with both of us hauling…..we had it done lickety-split. Thank goodness! Tempers were just about to ignite. Is that a sign that it’s time to “slam the door” on the hay season?! Amen!022.jpg     Here’s a picture of my hay bale maze. It doesn’t look very scary, but walk through it at night…without a flashlight. The end is far, far away. There are lots of spiders from “Charlotte’s Web” throughout the whole thing. I drove into a web and had a huge spider riding with me on the four-wheeler. And you might find a black snake here and there. If you’re brave…..come on over. Halloween is just around the corner. I might be able to scare the pants right off of ya….Haha Just so you know….Boss Man is scared to death of spiders……………………..Carol