I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the little town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I decided this is the month to take a little day trip. A birthday and an anniversary is reason enough…right?! I made the mistake of talking about my plans in the milk barn. The cows got wind of it and the news traveled like wildfire throughout the herd. They couldn’t wait to mess up our plans…..and did they ever. We had 4 new calves that morning…..and our first set of twins. Now what do we do? 091.jpg      Well, we worked non-stop and finally got in the house about mid-morning. It was a toss up….should we give it up or persevere? We decided to persevere. There was no way we were going to let the cows win on this one. We made it….let’s go see what the fuss is all about.069.jpg      What a beautiful, old building. I love renovated and restored buildings…..keeping as much of the old as possible. Of course it was jam-packed full of goodies. I even saw “men” in the store. It was totally OK, because one of them was Earl. Haha 075.jpg    Yep, we are off the farm. The cows are on auto-pilot and we’re going to keep driving until we get to the west coast. Haha Just kidding…..we have to be home for chore time. 084.jpg      We ate lunch at the Mercantile, and we waited maybe 5 minutes max. It was the perfect day to go. No long lines or crowds of people. Check out this chicken fried steak that Candace ordered. Holy Moly! That is one huge plate of food! We took most of it home with us. 105.jpg     You know me…I couldn’t walk away without buying a few sweet treats. A nice assortment to go with my coffee the next morning. Everything I tasted was delicious. 101     When we left the store, we decided to go walking around the outside a bit. What else does this town have to offer? We saw a few interesting sights…….097.jpg      Lots of cute, little boutiques. We didn’t have a whole lot of time, so we passed through quickly. I’m sure I could find something I can’t live without. 102.jpg      That’s right…a pawn shop. A very unique pawn shop. Every Cadillac needs a set of longhorns on the hood of the car. Yee-haw! Notice the guns…..fully loaded! Haha If this doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. My, my, my…..and that pink flamingo. How much money would it take for you to drive this “get up” to your next family reunion?!060.jpg      I know there’s more to the town than what we saw that day, but we had to hurry home and see how many more calves needed to be picked up that evening. We’re having a population explosion right now. It’s crazy! Once it slows down again….I’m ready to head on back to Pawhuska. I’ve got some more exploring to do. Anyone care to join me? I’ll have Boss Man stay at home so we don’t have to rush around and be back for evening chores…………Carol

P.S. This calf is one of the twins born the morning of our departure…….cute little stinker.