I think it’s safe to say that fall is officially here. We’re into October….I’m seeing lots of pumpkins, mums, and pansies. I’ve been trying to get the farm decorated for the season. Whether it be Halloween or Thanksgiving…..I try to cover them both. Come along, and I’ll show you what “farm folk” like to do to make their place look festive for Fall. 015.jpg        I love Scarecrows! I usually buy at least one new one each year. I keep them rotated from new to old. When you own as many dogs as we do……you’re sure to lose one as a “chew toy”. This guy is brand new…..knock on wood…..the dogs haven’t destroyed him yet. 047.jpg     I’m a sucker for pansies. If I can keep them watered….they’ll survive the winter. I’ve even seen them bloom under the ice. Then we have the pumpkins. I bought these beauties because I don’t know how to grow nice, big pumpkins. Have you noticed how the nicest ones are always on the bottom of the pile? I always dig, grunt, and stand on my head to get the best one. Sure hope no one is watching.055.jpg       This flowerbed was bare and I thought it needed a little pizazz. What better way then to plant pansies? Now to keep the dogs from trampling them. I love my stacked farm animals. They add “character”. Do flowerbeds have character? 059.jpg      Let’s not forget the bed out by the road. Those corn shocks are “homegrown”, and the scarecrow survived the dogs last year so……here he is again. His job is to welcome everyone to the farm. Which consists of the milkman, feed man, inspector, and the dumpster dudes. The black cat is a “photo bomber”. 069.jpg       Ok, this poor guy has been through the “mill”. I don’t know how old he is, but he’s losing his pants. I tried to duct tape him together, and it worked for awhile…..but then he went back to falling apart. I decided…..whatever! As long as he’s happy, I’m happy. 066.jpg      Mums! What’s not to like about them?! Most of the time they’ll come back year after year. Bright, beautiful colors….and they bloom for weeks. 067.jpg     So there you have it…..fall on the farm. The “teenagers” want to wish you a “happy Fall”. They’re sorry for being naughty at times, but they were just “sowing their wild oats”. Don’t kid yourself, they’re still “trouble makers”…….the watering hole is made for “cow gossip”. I wish I knew what they were saying…………………Carol