Where are my boys? Why are they not out in the barn helping me with all those chores? Why are they coming home at midnight? Aaaahhhh…..yes. It’s called “marching band”, and “cross country”. They’re busy marching to the “beat” and running to the “drum”. Last weekend was “Band Day”. I left the farm for a few hours to go check it out and take a few pictures of my “soldiers” marching. 141               Wow! Just look at those fancy hats. That’s the main attraction. Oh, and the instruments are pretty awesome too. This is Marshall’s first year to “march”, and of course he’s loving every minute. I always have to think of those toy nutcrackers when I see them in their uniforms. 089.jpg       It seems a little chaotic when they’re all trying to get dressed and ready to march. How do they survive? The sun is beating down and those uniforms are extremely hot. Maybe that’s why they don’t have “old people” like me in a marching band?! Oh to be young again!101.jpg      Well, looks like these three stooges found all their attire. The one on the right isn’t quite there yet, but almost. Just one more “tug” and you’ve got it. The little squirt in the middle looks very ornery. Then we have the farm dude. Would you trust these three to babysit your kids? Or dogs? Maybe the cats.114.jpg       1, 2, 3, go……or something like that. Our band marched but didn’t actually compete because they were hosting the event. So, the pressure wasn’t quite as intense. Michael and Marshall are out there in the middle if you can find them. How can they march and play at the same time? 118.jpg      Imagine for a second that I’m in the color guard. I’m pretty sure that I would trip over my own feet and fall flat on my face. Next, I would probably “bonk” my neighbor on the head with my flag and knock him down too. It would be like a domino effect. The moral of the story……I need to stay in the stands and take pictures. No marching allowed for “milkmaids” unless it’s to the barn. 143.jpg     Marshall informed me that they’re supposed to keep their hat low so that they have to keep their chin up. I need to take notes on these things and see if maybe I can get some faster “marching” at home when it’s chore time.  150.jpg      I told you those uniforms are hot. Whew! When they finally get to take them off……..their shirts are soaked and their hair looks like they just took a shower. The directors pass out water bottles and make them drink. If they don’t….they get the “evil eye”. Marshall told me that……and how does he know?! 151.jpg      Well, there you have it. I had to brag just a wee little bit. Not too much. We wouldn’t want anyone getting a big head. When I grow up…….I’m gonna march too. I need to decide what instrument I want to play……………………Carol